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Tap Into Power for Life!



A creative experience using tap dance and your soul and change your life with Jeannine Goode-Allen and David Sharp

Tapping is letting God speak through my feet. There are truths about God, about my Soul, that ONLY my feet can express through the sound and vibration of the tapping. -Jeannine Goode-Allen

Tapping connects my body to the Earth in a profound and physically powerful way. It helps me stand my ground and move in the world with more focus, direction, and purpose. ~ David Sharp

This workshop shows how tap dancing can be a potent and useful tool to help you connect to your spiritual life in a powerful and deepening way... and it's completely enjoyable! You will open creatively and be empowered to access the resources within you to live the challenges of life while retaining joy and humor.

This will be a personal and intimate journey, as we reveal how tap dancing has been an amazing source of happiness and healing in our lives. We will show you how the myriad of human emotions can all be expressed through tap dance and how to use it to transform pain into joy and joy into fits of laughter!  No previous tap dancing experience is neccessary.

With basic tap steps as our language, we will journey into our hearts, souls, and minds to see what is there to be talked about; to be stomped and stepped, tapped and touched...acknowledged and even transformed!  We will sing and shout with our feet. We will become a joyous toe-tapping, foot stomping communityl! Oh yeah!

You will take with you the knowledge and experience that tap dance, as fun as it is, is much more than entertainment - and of how to include the earth beneath your feet as part of individual and communal spiritual practice.

Come and be part of this transformational and up-lifting experience!

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The Music of Viriditas
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is a theatrical, musical and visual performance that illuminates the journey to wholeness of an artist living in the 21st century, inspired by Hildegard of Bingen.

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