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Tap into Love, Boulder, CO, Feb. 14, 2015

by Jeannine Goode-Allen & David Sharp

A  Valentine’s  Day  Multimedia  Performance  

SATURDAY,  FEBRUARY  14,  7-­9  PM          
Cost:  $20.00                
4939  N.  Broadway  Unit  65        
Boulder,  CO  80304  

A  true  story  of  how  the  love  of  tap  dancing  brought  two  people  together   and  the  miracles  that  can  happen  when  you  follow your  bliss. Jeannine  Goode-­‐Allen  and  David  Sharp  couldn’t  be  any  more  different.   One  was  raised  in  Switzerland,  the  other  in   the  USA;   one  of  European  descent,  the  other  of   African  descent;   one  a  planner,  the  other  spontaneous;   one  a  morning  bird,  the  other  a  night  owl.

JGA tap love flierDS tap love flier

But  both  fell  in  love  with   the  same  art  form,  tap  dancing.   In  their  mutual  pursuit  of   Doctorate  degrees  in   Ministry,  they  met   serendipitously,  worked   together  and   supported  each  other   during  life-­‐changing   challenges.  They   eventually  recognized   that  love  had  grown   between  them  and   that  it  was  something   they  wanted  to  extend.   Join  Jeannine  and  David   as  they  share  the   amazing  journey  that   brought  them   together.  Be  inspired  as   they  present  and   perform  the  art  form  that   keeps  them  dancing   through  life’s  ups  and downs.

JGA, DS tap love flier

Hors  d’oeuvres  and  refreshments  provided. 

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