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Tap Dancing as a Spiritual Path

Holy Spirit, The Life That Gives Life,
You are the cause of all movement;
You are the breath of all creatures;
You are the salve that purifies our souls;
You are the ointment that heals our wounds;
You are the fire that warms our hearts;
You are the light that guides our feet
Let all the world praise you.

--St. Hildegard of Bingen

Jeannine Goode-AllenTap Dancing

Tap dancing is praying with my feet.

It is a whole body mantra; it is meditation with my soul doing the talking and my feet making the music to accompany the prayer. It is a rosary with heel and toe… flaps and shuffles and ball changes, and stomps. It is a different way to send pain and praise to God, who understands all of our languages of communication, whether spoken, or played, or danced. Oh yeah, tap into love!

Ten years ago, when I was preparing for my first solo performance as a singer, in the final weeks of rehearsal, I could feel frustration building in my body and soul. I sensed that I couldn’t express the power of some of the songs I was singing with my voice alone. I needed to move my body while I was singing. I needed to sing with my feet. I needed to pray and meditate with my body.

And so I was led to tap dancing. As I learned to “chug” and “flap” and “shuffle” I connected to the Earth as well as my first and second chakras in a new way. Tapping is now part of my prayer and meditative life. When I tap, a sequence comes that communicates a divine thought. I then intuit what music has the right energy and feel and let my feet carry me into a state of divine connection, flow, and discovery. The tapping in Feathers On The Breath Of God was a compilation of these tap sequences.

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The Music of Viriditas
O Jerusalem
Feathers On The
     Breath Of God
is a theatrical, musical and visual performance that illuminates the journey to wholeness of an artist living in the 21st century, inspired by Hildegard of Bingen.
Tap into Transformation:
    (with David Sharp)
Discover Joy! Ignite the spark in you that has been waiting to catch fire. Join us for an evening of song, poetry and dance.

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