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The Viriditas Creativity Team

Dr. David Preston Sharp

Director, Composer, and Choreographer on Feathers On The Breath Of God, Collaborator on The Joy Collaborative, Co-Creator of Tap Into Transformation, Tap Into Love, and Tap Into Power For Life. 

I wrote my first song at 14, called "The World is a Rainbow," about the beauty, dignity, and divinity of all people everywhere. I knew then I wanted to spend my writing life creating uplifting songs and messages for the human soul. 

- Dr. David Preston Sharp

Dr. David Sharp is a writer, performer, composer, communicator, and educator.

He has performed on Broadway, in films and on television, and has directed and choreographed for the theater.  He has won awards as a speaker, songwriter, and poet and has given countless presentations at churches, universities, major corporations, and civic organizations. 

He is the author of I’m a Black Man, Who are You? He has recorded CDs of inspirational music and poetry, has hosted a lifestyle television show in the San Francisco Bay Area, The Art and Soul of Urban Living, and was Editor-in-Chief of Soul Mag, a nationally distributed magazine bridging entertainment, culture, and spirituality. 

He has served on the faculty of University of Southern California, the University of Creation Spirituality, and Naropa University. He holds a BFA in Drama from the University of Southern California, a Master’s of Divinity from San Francisco Theological Seminary, a Master’s in Special Education from Santa Clara University and a Doctorate of Ministry from the University of Creation Spirituality, now Wisdom University.  Dr. Sharp is the father of two grown children and resides in Boulder, CO with his wife Jeannine Goode-Allen and his two step-children.



Gary Grundei

Composer and Sound Designer on Feathers On The Breath Of God, Collaborator on The Joy Collaborative.

I love music. When I find solitude, quiet and inner space, I can listen deeply and music emerges that is healing and guiding, giving me peace and strength. For me, studying music is not only a healing experience in and of itself, but it also spills into other areas of my life.

- Gary Grundei

Gary Grundei is an award-winning composer, pianist, sound designer, and teacher whose music has been heard at Boettcher Concert Hall, the Kennedy Center, Denver Center, New York Stage and Film, SF's Magic Theatre, Boulder’s Chautauqua Community House, Naropa University, the Boulder International Fringe Festival, Occidental College, Ohio State University, and various modern dance performances. He has worked with Bill Pullman, Meredith Monk, and Barbara Dilley among others, and composes for and plays with the band, High Fiction. He teaches at Naropa University and directs the Golden Lotus in Lafayette.


Susan Coppage Evans, D.Min, MA

Co-facilitator of Birthing Visions: A Pilgrimage and Creative Retreat in St. Hildegard's Homeland.

I love the blend of creativity, spirituality, ecology and social justice. And I welcome any opportunity to co-create health and wellness, whether it be via a retreat, a treatment center, a haiku walk, a gathering of artists, or through spiritual community. This is where the juice is for me: communities and teams creating together - creating opportunities for transformation and wholeness. Creating Joy! 

 - Susan Coppage Evans

Dr. Susan Evans was a psychotherapist for a decade followed by another decade serving in roles of Clinical Director, Administrator and Executive Director of psychiatric facilities.  She is currently founding partner and on the Board of Directors of the Eating Recovery Center which promotes lasting recovery for individuals with anorexia and bulimia.

Susan is also a leader in the Creation Spirituality movement which was named for her by theologian Matthew Fox. Together with Matthew Fox and colleagues, Susan created Creation Spirituality Communities a non-profit organization that serves to create, network and support Creation Spirituality Communities and individuals.

Susan completed her Doctor of Ministry Degree at the University of Creation Spirituality in 2006 and also developed her consulting business, WholeHearted, Inc. that year to assist in offering retreats, spiritual direction and business development/design in the healthcare industry.  You may visit her website at:


Jan Rupp


In order to facilitate a healing which is both deep and lasting, we must not only consider the mental, physical and spiritual realms but look beyond them to address the needs of each individual Soul.

- Jan Rupp

Jan Rupp is an ordained minister and a certified practitioner of the Systemic Constellation work of Bert Hellinger. Widely respected for her work in the field of trauma, Jan frequently draws from her Systemic Constellation training to further illuminate the dynamics and repercussions of PTSD and other trauma-related issues. She has maintained a healing practice in Boulder, Colorado for over 30 years that is tailored to address the mind, body, and soul experience of each individual client. Trained in a variety of both traditional and evolving healing modalities that emphasize intergenerational relationships, Jan’s synergistic approach integrates indigenous healing techniques, such as herbal medicine, color and sound healing, with astrology, iridology, and the philosophy of TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine).
Co-author of The 5-Minute Healer: Self-Healing Techniques for Busy People, Jan Rupp is also the founder of the White Crane Healing Collaborative. Visit:


Henry Mares

Director, Producer, Mares Productions & Maresmedia; Co-Creator of Feathers On The Breath Of God:The Movie; Co-Creator of The Making of Feathers On The Breath Of God

We own nothing in life other than our soul and spirit. All else is borrowed. It is not what you possess that matters, but what possesses you that counts.

 - Henry Mares

Henry Mares began his company with a dream to help people, both corporate and individual clients, find just the right production service fit.  He graduated with a Communications Degree in TV Production and Theater and quickly became one of the Denver Metro Area’s most creative and award-winning event video producers. Recognition and awards include Knot Best of Weddings pick, 2007-2010, 2 WEVA Creative Excellence Awards, 2 Prova National Awards, 5 ICon Awards, and Denver A-List top 5. 

He is masterfully creative, seeing things and expressing himself with a unique innocence and sometimes a childish sense of humor. He often is heard asking “why” and “how” in conversations.  He loves working closely with his wife and business partner Lisa.

Henry has spent years volunteering in community theater projects, religious productions, and at-risk youth services.  When not busy in production he enjoys being with his family, enjoying the outdoors, playing sports, and writing plays.


Lisa Mares

Cinematographer, Co-producer, Mares Productions and Maresmedia; Co-Creator of Feathers On The Breath Of God: The Movie; Co-Creator of The Making of Feathers On The Breath Of God

Each day is a gift from God, to be lived to the fullest and shared with others. Each person has a story, and I love being their storyteller.

- Lisa Mares
Lisa Mares started with the company by association--by marrying Henry.  She is the Vice-President, and works in customer service, marketing and sales.  Lisa has always been a people person and worked in social services before joining Henry full time at Mares Productions/Maresmedia. Perceptive, sensitive, and intuitive, Lisa looks deep beneath the surface of a project, for the “true life story beneath the story.” She especially loves sharing life and work with her husband Henry. “He personally and creatively challenges me to go deeper--to grow into the person God created in me.” Professionally, we compliment each other's abilities to provide clients with the best production experience.

Lisa has a degree in social work and has received recognition for her contributions in the non-profit sector. She has been a featured guest and speaker on radio, cable, and local network TV. She also co-founded the Colorado Professional Videographers Association (formerly known as the Rocky Mountain Professional Videographers Association) in 2000. Lisa enjoys working with her favorite non-profits, slipping away to the mountains, or planning family time back in MI.

Lisa and Henry live in the Denver Metro area with their three sons.

Visit: and



The Music of Viriditas
O Jerusalem
Feathers On The
     Breath Of God
is a theatrical, musical and visual performance that illuminates the journey to wholeness of an artist living in the 21st century, inspired by Hildegard of Bingen.
Tap into Transformation:
    (with David Sharp)
Discover Joy! Ignite the spark in you that has been waiting to catch fire. Join us for an evening of song, poetry and dance.

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