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The Power of St. Hildegard's Wisdom

A Workshop/Retreat with Jeannine Goode-Allen

The Power of Hildegard's Wisdom

As the Creator loves Creation, so Creation loves the Creator. Creation, of course, was fashioned to be adorned, to be showered, to be gifted with the love of the Creator. The entire world has been embraced by this kiss. God has gifted Creation with everything that is necessary.

–- St. Hildegard of Bingen

I have been journeying alongside St. Hildegard now for three decades. Her strength, huge heart, courage, vitality, brilliance, glorious writing, and music inspire me daily. I have been healed with the help of her remedies. Let me share my knowledge and experience of St. Hildegard’s life and work with you.

I am interested in tailoring the content to match your needs and interests. Here are some of the topics we may look at:

  • St. Hildegard: a biographical overview
  • St. Hildegard as composer
  • St. Hildegard as writer
  • St. Hildegard as healer
  • St. Hildegard as prophet
  • St. Hildegard as abbess
  • St. Hildegard’s cosmology

I am available for evening or weekend workshops. I can also take you through a week-long retreat. I will be sharing pieces from the St. Hildegard’s Journey Through The Senses: A Traveling Exhibit to inspire our time together and teach you how to sing some of her music. We will sample her remedies, explore how the guidance in her letters can help us in our lives, and meditate on her illuminations together, letting them inspire us.  

Contact me so that Viriditas may be ours!

The Music of Viriditas
Don't Hold Back
Feathers On The Breath Of God
is a theatrical, musical and visual performance that illuminates the journey to wholeness of an artist living in the 21st century, inspired by Hildegard of Bingen.

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