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Introduction To Creation Spirituality, February 26 – March 2, 2018, Fox Institute
Chanting the Wisdom Traditions, March 5 – March 9, 2018, Fox Institute
The Mystic Hildegard, May 14 – May 18, 2018, Fox Institute
Engaging Hildegard’s Music, Art and Herbs, May 14 – May 18, 2018, Fox Institute

Dear Viriditas Community,

Today is my parents’ 61st wedding anniversary. I marvel at their marriage. What a remarkable team they are. One of many things they have modeled for me is incredible strength and courage. They have birthed many spectacular creations over the years, not the least of which are their four children. With each birth I have seen how they kept nourishing their creations, and that no matter what obstacles they faced, THEY NEVER GAVE UP!



It is this kind of courage I see playing out with the birth of the Fox Institute. I want to share some photos with you of the new Fox Institute for Creation Spirituality in Boulder. This is where David and I will be team teaching our Introduction to Creation Spirituality Course in a few weeks.

#1. Fox Institute Banner by entrance.
#2. Entrance of the Fox Institute in the basement of the First Congregational Church on Pine Street in Boulder.
#3. Administrative offices in renovated church carriage house.

The Institute just hosted a free community gathering on January 15th in honor of Rev. Martin Luther King. It was a powerful event that included song, drumming, and poetry to honor MLK’s legacy and to imagine strong, healthy communities into the future. Please enjoy this inspirational video created by Fox Institute Pouria Montazeri for this event.

I’m also very excited to share with you that two additional classes have been added in May that I will be teaching at the Fox Institute in Boulder. The classes will be held from May 14th through May 18th. This is wonderful news for all of you Hildegard lovers!

The first class is a seminar entitled The Mystic Hildegard.  In this one, we will immerse ourselves in St. Hildegard’s creativity via St. Hildegard’sJourney through the Senses, an exhibit that shows the life and work of this powerful mystic. We’ll dive into the first biography written about St. Hildegard in the 12th century and touch on St. Hildegard’s theological writings/illuminations as well as her medical texts.  I’ll also make available some of St. Hildegard’s remedies for sampling. We’ll complete the class with an exploration of how we can use St. Hildegard as an inspiration in our own lives. (Image: St. Hildegard statue on the relics church in Eibingen Germany.)

The second class is entitled Engaging Hildegard’s Music, Art and Herbs and is an Art As Meditation offering. Through singing, guided imagery, movement, and meditation related to the life’s work of St. Hildegard, we’ll enter into a deep meditative state with this powerful saint. Through this doorway, we will access our deepest creative selves and express our souls in a variety of artistic mediums including watercolor painting, drawing, singing, movement, journaling and modeling.  We’ll share the creative process as well as our creations within class thus forming a community of creative powerhouses.

Did you know you can access the strength of your inner mystic? Curious about what a mystic is?  Wondering if you really are one?  Check out this week’s blog post: Are You a Mystic?

And if you are interested in exploring more about being a mystic, don’t forget to check out the class I am teaching in February on an Introduction to Creation Spirituality here. 

How to Bring Life to Your Chakras: 7 Healing Mantras

Mantra practice continues to give me courage for my life. I was just writing a piece for the Healing Mantras guidebook and was remembering a time many years ago when I woke up in excruciating pain in my pelvic area.  While at the doctor’s office, feeling fearful about the pain I may experience undergoing a pelvic exam, the Saraswati chant “Om Aim Saraswatyai Namaha” came to my mind.  I began to chant it in my head silently. I felt my body relax and an inner knowing that all will be well washed over and through me.

You’ll be able to find out more about this mantra and the chakra that it helps to heal in my guidebook.  It will be coming soon – in February!

In closing I remind us all that the word courage comes from the French word courage which is a composite of two French words: coeur (which means heart) and large (which means large). May we all, like my parents, live our lives with large hearts!

In Viriditas,

PS  If you missed the video about the class David and I are team teaching Feb. 26th – March 2nd on Creation Spirituality, you can still find it here.


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