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“We Miss TAP and We Miss You All Party”, Dec. 15th from 6:30 -11 pm,
Jeanny Russell’s home at 1335 Redwood Ave
Introduction To Creation Spirituality, February 26 – March 2, 2018, Fox Institute
Chanting the Wisdom Traditions, March 5 – March 9, 2018, Fox Institute

Dear Viriditas Community,

Take a look at the sweet little shoe hut in the Viriditas Home Studio!  I think it is darling.  A perfect place to pause for a moment and find the perfect shoes to tap dance in. A place to remember the importance of play and having fun. A place to remember that life is magical and full of JOY!

Fox Institute of Creation Spirituality

In recent weeks, my home has been filled with the passion and love that David has for spirituals and his heritage as he is preparing for the course he will be teaching Jan. 8 -12: Singing and Embodying the African American Spiritual, Freedom, and Protest Song.  What a joy to have the opportunity to be bathed with the sounds of such a soulful musician!  Click here to watch a webinar with David if you are interested in being part of this Fox Institute Intensive. If you are interested, act soon! The deadline to register for the class is December 8th.

We Miss TAP Party
Don’t forget to put this on your calendar: “We Miss TAP and We Miss You All Party” hosted by Jeanny Russell and Jaime Shuey.

Date/Time:  December 15th from 6:30 pm-10 or 11 pm
Location: Jeanny’s house at 1335 Redwood Ave., Boulder
Please bring: a little snack to share. Tea, champagne, and wine will be provided.

I hope to see you there!

Seeing with Your Third Eye 
The mantra for the brow or third eye chakra (the sixth one) is available in my Free Healing Library now. You can listen and chant along with the audio to support you in your practice at home in seeing and understanding more clearly and trusting your intuition.

Check out my blog for a quick look and reminder of healing the brow chakra. The text can be used with the audio of the mantra, invoking the god, Shiva, who sees beyond the obvious with clear perception and shows what is truth.

Healing with Mantra – All 7 Chakras

The writing of The Healing with Mantra Guidebook is in full swing. It will be an easy-to-use manual that will be available in January/February. It will provide you with support in strengthening your practice at home in this healing work. At your own pace, on your own schedule.

The first section of the guidebook is almost complete and will be available to you soon for FREE. It’ll introduce you to the work of healing with mantra and share some of my personal experiences with this work that have touched my life.  Let me share a little peek into the book that I just completed and makes my heart sing!

One warm, sunny summer day when I was ten years old, I bought myself a few boxes of clay. When I got home, I pulled out a lump of cold, wet clay and began to create. Soon from the coaxing and caressing of my own hands, an elephant came to life.  

First one elephant.  

Then another.  

Then another.  

Until I had a whole herd of elephants!  I decorated each precious one with sparkling glitter of silver and gold.  
Oh, how I adored my collection of elephants for many months to come!  

Later, as an adult, I found myself sitting in a mantra class at the University of Creation Spirituality one afternoon.  Russill Paul, my teacher, was describing the Hindu deity Ganesh, a deity with the head of an elephant and the body of a human.  

My love of elephants came back to my mind, and I was completely captivated!  

Their strength, the way they moved their long trunks. Even their huge ears were fascinating to me. What a unique and beautiful creature! 

Guided by our teacher, we, as students in class, soon were learning the chant Om Gum Ganeshaya Namaha. The words started to become familiar to my mouth as I repeated them again and again, their power resonated within my whole body. My body became alive. It was energized.  

A big smile came to my lips.  

We were invited to move, if inspired, and I arose from my chair without hesitation. 

Soon, I felt the spirit of this great creature, the elephant, with its power and glory fill my body……

More will come and be available to you soon!

Finally, I have included below a brief picture of the fourth and final path on the journey of inner work within Creation Spirituality. The four paths are the foundation of the class I will be teaching at the Fox Institute in February. Take a moment to be introduced to the Via Transformativa.

In Viriditas,

PS  Remember you have access to the audios for the Healing with Mantra for the first 6 chakras in my Free Healing Library.  The 6th one just was added to the library!  A recap of each chakra can be found here to support you in your practice at home.

The Fourth Path of Creation Spirituality

The fourth path of Creation Spirituality is the Via Transformativa, the path of transformation. To transform is to make change to the form that exists.

When we enter into an interdependent connection with others, we have the potential to change who we are, who they are, and what exists in the world. True transformation.

How does transformation come about? 

Through compassion. We can see and understand others (and ourselves) as together we celebrate our shared joys and heal our shared pain. In doing so we have the possibility to sow a seed within ourselves that truly changes who we are and the world around us.

Picture the transformation that occurs to a seed. Take a moment and imagine a pumpkin seed, by itself, in your hand. You place it down in the soil in the earth and it starts to be fed by the nutrients in the soil, by the raindrops that reach it, by the light and warmth of the sunshine. Soon, it changes. It no longer is a seed, but a sprout. Then a plant, then a flower. And then a new fruit grows.

Now hold that picture as you consider a connection you have with a friend.  In the shared experience of healing a sorrow or pain with compassion, how does that change you or your friend? How does that change the world around you?

There is a reason why all deep spiritual leaders—Buddha, Jesus, Mohammad, and Black Elk to name a few, call us to Compassion. The Dali Lama confesses that compassion is his religion and we can do away with all religion but not with compassion. Jesus said: “Be you compassionate like your Creator in heaven is compassionate.” In Islam, “The Compassionate One” is by far the most used name for Allah in the Koran. Compassion is the “secret name for God” in Judaism.

Our current times are calling for our compassion. Compassion for ourselves and for others. Celebration of our joys and healing of our pain – together. And in that, the world can be transformed.

Interested in finding out more about The Fox Institute of Creation SpiritualityClick here.

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