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Engaging Hildegard’s Music, Art and Herbs, May 14 – May 18, 2018, Fox Institute
David Sharp performs with the Boulder Chorale, May 19th & 20th at the First United Methodist Church
Chanting the Wisdom Traditions, July 23 – July 27, 2018, Fox Institute


Dear Viriditas Community,

The lilacs are blooming! This morning as I walked out on to my front porch and smelled the fragrance of the lilacs, I rejoiced. Aaahhhhh…there is something about the glorious fragrance of lilacs that nourishes me and fills me with joy.
This is a wondrous time of year for me as I spend time in my garden, planting vegetables and creating magnificent flower pots. I hope you, too, are enjoying the beautiful sights and wondrous smells of our natural world.

What nourishes you? What fills you with joy?

Tap Dancing

We had a nourishing and joyous afternoon at our group event Unleash Your Creativity. The highlight was the tap dancing! After being inspired by watching film footage of the Nicholas Brothers as well as footage of David dancing when he was 25 (!) we enjoyed finding our own PIZZAZZ. Our group was having so much fun dancing…I think some of them would still be dancing downstairs if they could! One of David’s gifts as a teacher is how he is able to show people how to find their own unique expression, thus helping them look and feel fabulous!

David rehearsing a tap number for the Broadway show, “Oh Kay”

On the tap dancing front, David is performing with the Boulder Chorale on May 19th and 20th! This is going to be an unforgettable experience. David is dancing to Duke Ellington’s piece “David danced before the Lord”. This is going to be an opportunity for you to see David tap dance a seven minute solo. As I have experienced his preparations during the past few weeks, I can tell you that he is channeling the Divine through his feet. This is powerful my friends. I do believe that David is a very talented tap dancer, yes, but no tap dancer on the planet has the spiritual connection that David has. David is dancing for God. God is dancing through David for us and YOU CAN FEEL IT. You do not want to miss this! (Click here to purchase tickets.)

How do we connect to God? How do we receive divine nourishment and joy? As I have been preparing for the Hildegard class I will be teaching next week at the Fox Institute I have been pondering the ways that we may experience divine wisdom that guides us. I have always been powerfully inspired by the visions, or illuminations that St. Hildegard experienced and then wrote about. Interested in learning more about St. Hildegard’s experience as well as developing your spiritual practice to become more open to divine wisdom, check out my blog post this week on Being Open to Receive.  

The Fox Institute of Creation Spirituality in Boulder

If you want a sure way to be nourished and filled with hope and joy, this is your last chance to join the May intensive: Inner Greening and Growing NEXT WEEK! I have been preparing my entire life to teach the Art as Meditation class: Engaging Hildegard’s Music, Art and Herbs in the afternoon. The morning seminar will be Deep Ecology and Theology of the Land. Register now.  

Professor Recommended Scholarships NOW AVAILABLE at the Fox Institute

Let me know ASAP if you want to take advantage of one of the professor recommended scholarships for any upcoming classes at the FICS! Just give me a call at 720-308-6782.  Take a look at all of the offerings for the Spring and Summer. Remember I can recommend you for a scholarship for any of the classes.

Chanting Wisdom

My guidebook, How to Bring Life to Your Chakras: 7 Healing Mantras, is coming soon!  There is an opportunity to learn a couple of the mantras from my guidebook in a class that David and I are teaching this summer.

Curious about chanting?  Or wanting to deepen your practice of chanting mantras?  Join David and me in our Chanting Wisdom class this summer at the FICS, the week of July 23rd.  Find out more here.

From the beginning of time, people have shared movement, song, and story together. We’ll explore these elements within the world’s major wisdom traditions.

With live musical accompaniment, you will learn simple movements along with the origin, background, and lyrics for each rhythmic song taught.  You will also be given the opportunity to express your experiences in drawing, journaling and with classmates. We’ll conclude the week with an exploration of how you can carry forward this practice into your daily lives.

Learn more about the important work of FICS at

I will close with one more photo. These are some of the gorgeous flower pots on my front porch. They are truly my dear friends. You should hear some of our conversations these days! For those of you who are local, give me a call (720 308 6782) and come over for a cup of tea with me and my flowers! 

In Viriditas,

PS  I hope to see you at the FICS Intensive featuring the Seminar: Deep Ecology and Theology of the Land and the Art as Meditation: Engaging Hildegard’s Music, Art and Herbs.  Register now!  




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