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Introduction To Creation Spirituality, February 26 – March 2, 2018, Fox Institute
Chanting the Wisdom Traditions, March 5 – March 9, 2018, Fox Institute
The Mystic Hildegard, May 14 – May 18, 2018, Fox Institute
Engaging Hildegard’s Music, Art and Herbs, May 14 – May 18, 2018, Fox Institute

Dear Viriditas Community,

This week is a quiet one for me. The only family member with me this week is my youngest son, Joshua. How I love spending time one on one with family members. Such a sweet opportunity for connection. Joshua is a composer, and this week I am especially rejoicing as he shares his latest creations with me on our drives to and from his school every morning. For those of you who would like to hear his music, check out DJ BLONDINO on Soundcloud!

These days I’m also happily preparing for my class coming up at the Fox Institute on Feb. 26 – March 2, Introduction to Creation Spirituality. In order to deeply connect with the material I am teaching, I am creating audio recordings of myself reading the assigned books out loud. Last week I finished recording Stories of Awe and Abundance by José Hobday. Sister José Hobday was one of my favorite teachers during my doctoral studies. I took her class called Native American Rituals. Her enthusiasm for the presence of God in the ordinary is contagious. As I was reading José’s words out loud all nestled up in my comfy living room couch by the fire, it felt like Sister was with me. I could feel her love, her glorious sense of humor and her profound Wisdom filling my soul. I invite you to get a sense of her by watching this video.

If you enjoy the video, I encourage you to read her book. It is full of stories drawn from her own experience growing up as a Native American Catholic in the American Southwest. If you want to explore how to incorporate her teachings into your daily life, then join me and David for our class: Introduction to Creation SpiritualityClick here to find out more. I’m so looking forward to this fun adventure! I’d love to see you there.

Later in March and May, I will also be teaching Chanting the Wisdom TraditionsThe Mystic Hildegard and Engaging Hildegard’s Music, Art and Herbs.  To check out all of the upcoming classes at Fox Institute in Boulder, click here. 

The 16th Annual World Sound Healing Day, February 14th, Valentine’s Day
For all of my mantra students as well as my St. Hildegard singers, I also want to let you know that you can join thousands throughout the world for the 16thAnnual World Sound Healing Day on February 14th.  You can sound to send the energy of compassion, love, and peace to our dear Mother Earth – bringing health and healing.  Find out more here.

Also remember you have access to the mantra for the heart chakra in my Free Healing Library.  A support to opening your heart and sending compassion and love to others.  What a wonderful gift on Valentine’s Day to chant this mantra for yourself and others in the world!

Are you seeking ways to deepen your practice of compassion in the world during these difficult times we face every day? Check out my blog post Finding Peace in Difficult Times this week.

All right dear ones, if you do watch the video of Sr. Hobday, be sure to send me a note to let me know how she moves you!

In Viriditas,

PS Don’t forget to register if you are interested in joining David and me in our class, an Introduction to Creation Spirituality, at Fox Institute in a few weeks, Feb. 26th – March 2nd!  We’d love to see you there.



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