Viriditas Newsletter, January 2015

Dear Viriditas Community,

I would like to dedicate the first newsletter of the year of 2015 to the theme of strength. David and I began the New Year on January 2nd dedicating our Tap Into Transformation event to the Elephant. In our tap dance we invited our sixteen participants to feel the power of the magnificent Elephant in their own bodies. For those of you who were not able to join us I invite you to dress in grey and dance along with David and me as you watch our promo video! (Click here to watch the video.)

Before we began the dance David and I invited everyone to say one word that describes the Elephant. My word was “tender.” Using my arms and hands I imitated the movements of an Elephant’s trunk finding my way around the circle to embrace each participant. What would your word be and how would you express it in your body?

Our meal was catered by the Buddha Café which offers some of the best Thai food in Boulder. After dinner we had a wonderful guest, Kristal Parks, join us for the evening. Kristal is the founder and organizer of Pachyderm Power! Love in Action for Elephants. I met Kristal in 2011 during the creation of Feathers On The Breath of God and donated the proceeds of both the 2011 & 2013 final performances to her organization. Kristal’s passion and commitment is to protect awesome and magnificent Elephants from abuse in the entertainment industry, to stop poaching along with the sale of ivory, to ban The Crushing Box and to preserve Elephants in the wild. Click here to check out Pachyderm Power’s website for more information.

Kristal spoke to our group about Elephants and her work. We had a moving question and answer period and many of our participants supported Kristal’s work by buying some of the beautiful items she had for sale.

poo poo paperelephant tote

One of the gifts of my connection with the Elephant is that I’m inspired to move forward into this new year with strength and determination and “oh, boy!” do David and I have some exciting programs coming up soon!

On Valentine’s Day, David and I will be sharing our performance, Tap Into Love. This performance shares the true story of how tap dancing brought us together and shares how much can happen when you follow your bliss. I encourage you to invite someone you love to join you at this special Valentine’s Day evening. We will be serving hors d’oeuvres and refreshments. We are only selling 50 tickets so get yours today! (Click here to purchase tickets.)

tap photo

On March 21 & 22nd, David and I are giving our workshop, Tap Into Power For Life.  During the weekend David and I will share how tap dancing has been a source of healing in our lives and journey with you into challenging areas of your life, new or old, that you are ready to look at and transform. For more info and to register please click here. 

St. Hildegard and Volmar, blog 3 image
As a vehicle of gaining strength in our lives I am offering a new blog series which will be weekly meditations on the theological works of St. Hildegard of Bingen. Please join me in expanding the wisdom that came through this great lady and let it transform your life. St. Hildegard has so much to give each and every one of us and I’m looking forward to exploring what these gifts are for us in the coming year. To follow the series please click here.

To conclude this newsletter I invite you to tap into the strength of the Royal Drummers of Burundi! Please visit The Joy Collaborative website (click here) and scroll down to our latest addition, Tap Dancing With The Royal Drummers of Burundi.

David and I connected with the strength and grace as well as the powerful joy of these amazing drummers. We then tap danced along with them! David created a magnificent film portraying our experience and connection with these men. Watch the video and dance along with it.  Feel the power! (Click here to view the video.)

May this year be a STRONG one! I will conclude with these strengthening words from St. Hildegard of Bingen:

Humankind should ponder God…

Recognize God’s wonders and signs.

Let these signs and wonders be

The firmament on which to build,

     So as not to be shaken by fear,

     Or distracted from the love

                      Of God.

In Viriditas,



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