The power of one song to ignite your creative life!

Dear Viriditas Community,

St. Hildegard’s Feast Day was this week on the 17th. Every year at this time I reflect on how much St. Hildegard has inspired and even transformed my life. I’m so grateful!

I have posted my version of St. Hildegard’s song of praise to St. Rupert called “O Jerusalem” as part of my recent blog. I recorded this song in 2011 and to this day, whenever I need to get inspiration to move through fear and continue manifesting God’s will for me, I listen to this song and sing along.

I remember back in 2005 when I was beginning my work on my dissertation in one of my last classes for my doctorate. I was set on creating a curriculum in German and English about Hildegard of Bingen to be used in Waldorf schools. I was even testing out pieces as I was teaching in the classroom.

Then one day in my doctoral class, I was in meditation and I heard a voice speak to me that felt like St. Hildegard speaking directly to me. “Jeannine”, I heard her tell me, “you are not to do a curriculum for your dissertation. No, you are to put your healing journey, as it is inspired by me, on a stage. In doing this you will heal and you will also help others heal.

I was not happy to receive this message. I didn’t want to do this! This was too intimate of a journey to share on a stage. I am an introvert. How would I even begin doing something like this?

I knew, however, that I was being called to do it. The pain of my own wounds arose within me and, in that, I could feel the pain of all women. I knew I needed to do this, even though I had no idea how.

I thought of St. Hildegard when she needed to move through resistance and other obstacles in her path in order to create her abbey. She, inspired by St. Rupert, was so determined and courageous to move forward.

Years ago, when I was overcome with overwhelm working on my doctoral dissertation, I knew I could not let my fear and anxiety stop me. I reached out to the Divine for help. Once I was able to do this and say yes whole heartedly to this endeavor, a wave of support came to me immediately. Things just began to appear to help me. Incredible funding came through, I found the artists who were meant to work with me very quickly. I was given energy and confidence. I became unstoppable!

During the two years after hearing St. Hildegard’s message, not only did I graduate with my Doctorate in Ministry, I also moved through the challenges of heart surgery and a divorce. At the center of those two years was the creation of my performance piece: “Feathers on the Breath of God”. As I performed the piece, I showed my timeless connection with St Hildegard and the empowering healing that resulted from this connection. 

Sometimes, the messages we receive on our journey aren’t always the ones we hope for or want to hear. Yet, within, we know that we must listen to these messages and most importantly follow through on them.

What are you being called to create today?  Even if you are not jumping for joy about it. Who inspires you like St. Hildegard inspired me? 

St. Hildegard had the support of Volmar and her community of Benedictine sisters. Who supports you? I offer private sessions. Is there something in your life that you are wanting to give voice to but haven’t been able to yet? Let me support you to manifest your best creative life. Contact me for a free initial fifteen minute conversation so we can both determine if you would benefit from working with me privately.

I am currently sitting in the airport in Jacksonville, listening to the song “O Jerusalem” as I write this. David and I had five sweet days of deep relaxation and rest.

I will close with this photograph I took one morning walking on the beach at sunrise. I am beginning to sense that my life is somehow beginning a new these days. And I am grateful.

Blessing from Jacksonville airport!

In Viriditas,

PS  Become inspired by St. Hildegard’s song, O Jerusalem. Go to my blog to access a recording I did of this song she wrote in honor of her creation, Rupertsberg. Curious? Find out more in my blog post this week.

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