Viriditas Weekly News

Unleash Your Creative Spirit, May 5th, 3:30-5 pm, Viriditas Home Studio
The Mystic Hildegard, May 14 – May 18, 2018, Fox Institute
Engaging Hildegard’s Music, Art and Herbs, May 14 – May 18, 2018, Fox Institute
David Sharp performs with the Boulder Chorale, May 19th & 20th
at the First United Methodist Church
Chanting the Wisdom Traditions, July 23 – July 27, 2018, Fox Institute

Dear Viriditas Community,

It’s Spring and what a wonderful time to…

Unleash Your Creativity

In our next Doctor of the Soul group session, on May 5th, we will once again be finding inspiration in the music of St. Hildegard. In addition, we will also find inspiration in the incredible lives of MC Richards and the Nicholas Brothers.Are you wishing to bring creativity to your life a little more?  You know that tapping into your creative spirit will energize you, but you’re stuck and not sure how to find inspiration?  Or are you curious about how the creative can become part of your spiritual practice?Join me and my husband, David Sharp, and have some fun!  We’ll explore in a few creative areas while we experience and discover in a supportive space.  Relax and enjoy as we


together, in a creative exploration. NO PRIOR EXPERIENCE needed.  Just come with a curious mind, open heart and desire for creative exploration. Be sure to wear comfortable clothing. Sign up here.  

You can discover what calls to you, where your passions lie, what you can engage and take forward in your own life. You’ll leave feeling empowered and energized to be creative in your life’s journey.  Creativity is essential to our health and well being.  As long as we are creating, we keep growing, developing, and evolving, as individuals and as a community.

Creativity is like a refreshing breath of life for us, helping us to thrive.  It feeds us, making us feel invigorated, energized, and alive.  It gives us the gifts of vitality, health and strength.  Sign up for the May 5th class. Join us and Unleash Your Creativity. Purchase your ticket today! 

Curious about how Creativity supports you in your life? Check out my blog post on
5 Ways that Creativity Will Energize Your Life 
Fox Institute For Creation Spirituality

I am very excited to send out the following invitation to all of you!

Have you been thinking about taking my Hildegard classes in May or perhaps the
Chanting Wisdom class in July? I have seen the amazing experiences of our Intensives thus far and I want you to experience them! This is a great offer. Consider it and let me know if you want to take advantage of one of three professor recommended scholarships for my classes! Just give me a call at 720 308 6782. Also, take a look at all the offerings for the Spring and Summer. I can recommend you for a scholarship for any of these classes, too. If you are interested, CALL ME TODAY!

Duke Ellington’s Sacred Concerts presented by the Boulder Chorale

Mark you calendars! My husband, David Sharp, is an inspiration to me as he shares his creative gifts in the world on his journey through life. He recently was invited to bring his tap dancing to a special event with the Boulder Chorale. Check it out:

The Cotton Club Goes to Church with special guests Joslyn Ford-Keel, vocalist, and Dr. David Sharp, tap dancer.

May 19, 2018, 7:30 PM & May 20, 2018, 4 PM
First United Methodist Church
421 Spruce Street, Boulder

Duke Ellington considered his three “Sacred Concerts” from the mid-1960s “the most important thing I have ever done.” While not trying to compose a mass, the concerts have been referred to as Ellington’s attempt to bring the Cotton Club to the church. We will bring our 110 voices, vocalist Joslyn Ford-Keel, tap dancer Dr. David Sharp, and a jazz sextet to this end-of-the-season celebration of one of America’s greatest composers.

In his own words, David says, “I’m 61 years old and still growing. I’m still a powerful instrument for alternative forms of ministry. Spirituality is not confined to set modes and patterns. I see tap dancing as a form of prayer, and I use it to teach people about life and to make peace with the uniqueness that they are.”

You don’t want to miss this extraordinary performance! Let me know if you buy tickets so we can sit together!

I will close with these inspiring words from St. Hildegard:

Invisible life that sustains ALL,
I awaken to life everything
in every waft of air.
The air is life,
greening and blossoming.
The waters flow with life.
The sun is lit with life.
The moon, when waning, is again
Rekindled by the sun,
Waxing with life once more.
The stars shine,
Radiating with life-light.

Come and experience the ecstasy of God’s light with me and David on May 5th!

In Viriditas,

PS Don’t forget to register for my Doctor of the Soul class: Unleash Your Creativity on May 5th, 3:30-5 pm. At my Viriditas Home Studio on 800 Zamia Ave. in Boulder. Sign up here. 

Viriditas Weekly News

Healing with St. Hildegard, May 5th, 3:30-5 pm, Viriditas Home Studio
The Mystic Hildegard, May 14 – May 18, 2018, Fox Institute
Engaging Hildegard’s Music, Art and Herbs, May 14 – May 18, 2018, Fox Institute
Chanting the Wisdom Traditions, July 23 – July 27, 2018, Fox Institute

Dear Viriditas Community,

Learning is a JOY in itself

I have felt such joy in recent weeks as I prepare for the St. Hildegard classes I am teaching. I am learning so much more about St. Hildegard and how to incorporate her Wisdom into my life in recent weeks. One of the gifts of teaching something more than once is we get to fine-tune things as we go along. This has been true of St. Hildegard’s recipes. As many of you know, I am a huge fan of her Joy Cookies. I recently made them again for the Healing With St. Hildegardgroup sessions and tweaked the recipe to make it more healthy substituting cane sugar with coconut sugar. Mmmmm….and the sweet fragrances of the healing spices (nutmeg, cinnamon and clove) always sooth and strengthen my being when I make them. 

If you would like to soak in some of this joy and strength, join me at my Viriditas Home Studio at 800 Zamia Avenue in Boulder for the Healing With St. Hildegard sessions. What are your creative dreams? Would you like some support to make them happen? Join us on the first Saturday of each month from 3:30-5 pm. Sign-up here. Dates for the upcoming sessions are: May 5th, June 2nd, July 7th. You can also join me at the Fox Institute in Boulder for a whole week of St. Hildegard classes in May! (see below for details).

Also check out my latest blog: “One Step at a Time … Yes, You Can” to get inspiration and strength to bring those things your intuition tells you to bring out into the world – to benefit the health and wellbeing of others.

One of my dear friends, Carol Bennington is bringing her amazing healing gifts out into the world. Carol has been using and teaching others about flower essences for two decades. She is a Bach Foundation Registered Practitioner (BFRP) and one of a dozen Bach International Education Program (BIEP) Instructors in the United States, the courses approved by the Bach Centre in the UK. She teaches their introductory and advanced courses. AND she recently moved to Boulder! Check out her flyer. If I were not getting ready to teach my St. Hildegard classes, I would be in her class.

How to Bring Life to Your Chakras: 7 Healing Mantras 
The mantras that I share in the audios in my Free Healing Library are sung in the language of Sanskrit. Sanskrit is considered a divine language – a language of the gods. Its spiritual light shines through its sound and form.

It’s said that Sanskrit was given to the ancient Rishis (sages) and spoken by the enlightened beings of that time who passed the language to their students.

The word, Sanskrit, actually means “well or completely formed, purified, refined, polished.” The meaning of each letter in the Sanskrit alphabet is created by its sound and is considered a bija, or seed mantra. The effect of the mantra depends on proper pronunciation of the sound.

Today, we can still use Sanskrit to connect with the Divine. The sound vibration of Sanskrit can bring balance to the seven chakras, remove negativities from the mind, and bring healing to the physical body.

While chanting a Sanskrit mantra, your body relaxes and your mind becomes calm. Your head and your heart connect to your body. Energy flows to the process of restoring of your body, mind, and health back to wholeness. Back to balance which is our natural state.

Join me in chanting a mantra for the root chakra. You can access it by joining my Free Healing Library  Here are the words in Sanskrit:

Om gung ga-nay-shah-ya na-ma-ha

You may want to put the recording on your iPhone and listen to it during the day, whenever you feel any fears come up. Feel free to contact me if you want to do this and don’t know how. I will send you instructions or walk you through how to do it on the phone. Before bed, listen to it one more time and be sure NOT to chant along (or you may not be able to sleep). Allow Divine Presence to dissolve any fears you are holding.

In my guidebook, How to Bring Life to Your Chakras: 7 Healing Mantras, you will learn 7 short Sanskrit mantras using an audio recording and guidance on how to pronounce each mantra. I’ll explain the meaning of each mantra and why the sounds of each have healing potential.

Each mantra can remind us that we are already whole, as part of the Divine.  Each one supports us in returning to the state of wholeness, of balance.

The entire guidebook for healing all 7 chakras through the chanting of mantras will be coming out this Spring!

 The Fox Institute of Creation Spirituality in Boulder

Don’t miss out on this SPECIAL EVENT at the Fox Institute  –

“Thomas Merton: A Prophet for Our Times”
An Evening with Rev. Matthew Fox

Thomas Merton (1915-1968) was one of the great spiritual writers and mystic-prophets of the twentieth century. From the time of his conversion at the shrine of the Black Madonna in Cuba in 1940 to his untimely martyrdom in Bangkok for opposing the war in Vietnam in 1968, his spirituality evolved profoundly. He journeyed deeply from being very much a dualistic monk from 1940-1957 to being a prophetic leader leading out a creation spirituality path under the influence of Zen master D.T. Suzuki and Meister Eckhart beginning in 1958.

Monday, April 16th, 7:00 to 8:30 PM, First Congregational Church of Boulder

Tickets start at $15 and are available through EventBrite here or on the Fox Institute Facebook page here . 

Also Join us for “Inner Greening and Growing,” an inspiring Intensive at the Fox Institute for Creation Spirituality May 14-18, 2018

Seminar: Deep Ecology and Theology of the Land taught by Marvin Anderson, PhD

There is no greater challenge facing humanity—indeed, no greater issue of justice—than climate change. This class will equip students with a constructive analysis and hopeful response to climate change and the ecological crisis by way of two complementary philosophical and theological worldviews: deep ecology and theology of the land. Drawing on Creation Spirituality and the biblical, ecofeminist, Native North American, African-American, and agrarian paradigms in particular, students will be challenged to find ways to identify with and enter into the “pain and suffering of the land.” They will reflect on how significant events or personal traumatic experiences of environmental and/or agricultural degradation have: 1) triggered their crisis of faith and/or environmental conscience, and 2) called them as leaders to work on behalf of earth healing and environmental justice in their own local communities.

*This course fulfills the Contemporary Issues Student (see below)

Seminar: The Mystic Hildegard taught by Jeannine Goode-Allen, DMin 

This course begins with an immersion in St. Hildegard’s Journey through the Senses, an exhibit that shows the life and work of this powerful mystic. Students will also read and discuss the content of the very first biography written about St. Hildegard in the twelfth century. Students will then explore St. Hildegard’s theological writings and illuminations as well as her medical texts. Some of St. Hildegard’s remedies will be available for sampling. The class will then take a look at St. Hildegard’s relationship with her world and key people in her life. The class will conclude with an exploration of how students can use St. Hildegard as an inspiration in their own lives.

Art as Meditation: Nature Writing  taught by Susan Coppage Evans, DMin

Through a process of listening and responding, students will participate in writing exercises that deepen their relationship with nature and build a repertoire of expression that facilitates mindfulness, interconnection and increased awareness. Listening to readings from nature writers and poets such as Terry Tempest Williams, Mary Oliver, Scott Russell Sanders, Edward Abby and others, responding to elements of nature itself, and listening to one’s own voice and experience will facilitate one’s own creative writing and personal explorations.

Art as Meditation: Engaging Hildegard’s Music, Art and Herbs taught by Jeannine Goode-Allen, DMin

In this course we will use reading, music, guided imagery, St. Hildegard’s Illuminations and Healing Remedies as well as movement, to create a meditative connection with St. Hildegard and her life’s work. In this space of deep connection, students will access their deepest creative selves and from this space they will express their souls in a variety of artistic mediums: water color painting, drawing, singing, movement, journaling and finally constructing their own model buildings using a whole variety of materials (i.e. popsicle sticks, clay, feathers, paper, ornaments, miniature toys, to name just a few!). As the students share the creative process as well as their creations with each other during the week we will be forming a very intimate community of creative powerhouses!

Individuals can take this Intensive either as a degree student or lifelong learners enhancing their professional and personal lives through continuing education.

Individuals need to apply to FICS before registering for an Intensive. To apply, please visit HERE.

To learn more about the Intensive and to register, please visit HERE.
Course Cost: $1,750. UCS alumni receive 40% discount.

Also, Introductory-Opportunity is a category and opportunity for persons to attend ONE Intensive for a half day (first half: Body Prayer and Seminar classes) to explore what FICS is like in part. This is a one-time only experience which can be taken with any Intensive. The cost of Intro-Op is $550.

*Contemporary Issues Student offers an opportunity for the community at large to attend any seminar that fulfills the Crucial Contemporary Issues requirement for a half day at a reduced fee.

Learn more about the important work of FICS at

In closing, I have saved a true gem of inspiration. Here is one of David’s Sharpettes! Commit it to memory and say it to yourself daily.

Love’s greatest gift; Light of the soul
Like rainbows, twinkling stars and laughing tears.

Here’s hoping there are rainbows, twinkling stars and laughing tears filling your days. Come to one of my St. Hildegard classes and you will receive even more JOY!

In Viriditas,

PS The next Healing With St. Hildegard will be on Saturday, May 7th from 3:30 -5:00 pm. Buy your ticket now!