Viriditas Weekly News

Dear Viriditas Community,

In Greek mythology, there’s a story of a cunning king of Corinth who was cursed by the gods to push a boulder up a hill to only have it reach the summit and then  roll back down to the bottom. He’d start the task once again, pushing the boulder up the hill, repeating this exercise for eternity.

Do you feel sometimes that there are obstacles in your life that just keep getting in the way of you living your best life? You’ve tried a few different routes to dissolve them, to push them up that hill. But, you don’t seem to be making the progress you’d like. The boulder seems to be stuck in a pattern and rolls back down the hill once again, dragging you with it.

Is this a battle that’s wearing you out? And you feel defeated and dis-empowered? Are you almost at your wit’s end? Frustrated? Not sure what will help?

You know you could live your best life and share your gifts with the world, but instead you’re stuck. Not sure how to move forward.

I understand!  I’ve felt like that before. Not being able to find my own voice, my own power, my path forward in life, while feeling great pain within. Indeed I used to suffer from severe panic attacks whenever I tried to sing in public. It was at that time that I discovered a spiritual practice that still is a potent healing force in my life today.

This practice will bring you a renewed sense of vitality and hope, supporting you in dissolving negative patterns that are holding you back. Then, you’ll be on your way to reaching your magnificence, living your best life!

If you have a connection to music and are curious about using mantras in your regular spiritual practice, then this practice is just right for you!

There are 7 healing mantras that are related to the chakras that are potent healing forces. They’ve been a foundational piece of my spiritual practice for over 10 years, and I’ve had such profound experiences with them that I’ve even introduced them to others in classes that I’ve offered over the last few years. And, now, I want to share them with you.

I’ve made it easy for you to learn the mantras in the comfort of your own home in my step-by-step guidebook How to Bring Life to Your Chakras: 7 Healing Mantras. It includes:

  • an overview of each chakra
  • a guide to figure out which chakras need balancing
  • an introduction to the mantra and Hindu deity or spiritual concept related to that chakra
  • the meaning and pronunciation of each mantra
  • guidance on how to create a sacred space and time for your mantra practice
  • an easy-to-follow instruction page for those who are beginners

Additionally, you’ll receive 7 audio recordings created by my husband, David Sharp and me, one for each mantra. These recordings will give you a chance to hear the Sanskrit words as you are learning them. And, then also use them in your regular practice. You simply sing along with me!

And for the first time, I am sharing

  • my own personal stories of the healing power of working with these sacred mantras, to inspire you as you begin
  • stories of the Hindu deities that bring them to life, to deepen your experience with each one

The participants in my classes have loved the feeling of community and sharing of oneness. They have enjoyed listening to my voice and how I lovingly describe strength and compassion. They have also voiced how much they appreciate the detail and slow manner I go through the sounds to make the mantras as well as the artistic and movement activities I outline to help them go deeper with the experience of chanting the mantras.

Just 10 minutes a day at a time you choose in the comfort of your own home, and just like the participants in my classes, you’ll be on your way to a more vibrant life and a renewed sense of vitality. No longer pushing that same boulder up the hill each day!
Embodying your magnificence, you’ll be able to share the gifts you are meant to bring to the world!

The world is waiting and needing them!

Click here to watch my video for a closer look at How to Bring Life to Your Chakras: 7 Healing Mantras.

Click here to order your copy How to Bring Life to Your Chakras: 7 Healing Mantras guidebook and 7 audio recordings!

I’m here to support you while you’re learning. If you need help while beginning the practice, just contact me at and I can support you.

Not sure if this is for you? Want to try it out first? Go to my website and fill in the pop-up box. You can then try out the practice for the root chakra for FREE, with no obligation, and then decide.

I know that these mantras are healing. I would be honored to be your guide on your journey to wholeness and greater spiritual power.

In Viriditas,
Jeannine Goode-Allen, DMin

3 Tools to Dissolve Fear and Anxiety

Dear Viriditas Community,

These next few weeks I am sending out some nourishing emails. My hope is you will find in them some insights and tools to improve the quality of your life. Enjoy! This week I am sending you:

3 Tools to Dissolve Fear and Anxiety

Do you sometimes experience a wave of insecurity about your basic needs in life? Not having enough?

Or maybe a wave of losing all that you have? An experience of being abandoned?

I know it’s not always easy to trust that life will provide for our needs of safety and security. When these feelings of fear and anxiety creep in, it’s always best to have some “tools in our bag” to help us get back to a place of balance and security once again.

Here are 3 of my favorite tools. They’ll help you enter into the world smoothly, trusting that the Universe will provide for your needs.

1.  Breathe

Breathe in, breathe out. So often we forget to breathe and breathe deeply! Our breath is our source of life.

When you inhale deeply, into your belly, you help your blood to be nourished, fueling your whole body. As you exhale, you let go of the waste the body does not need, detoxing your bodily systems.

Throughout the day, remember to pause for a moment to inhale slowly through the nose, deep in the lungs and belly. Exhale through the nose slowly. At the end of the exhale through the nose, open your mouth and blow out any remaining air in your lungs until they are empty. Breathe in deeply again through your nose and repeat. This expels all of the used breath and fills your lungs with fresh, new air. Supporting health and well-being in your body. Dissolving tension and bringing calm and relaxation.

I set a timer on my phone to remind me to do this practice!

2.  Lean on Mother Earth

While you’re breathing, imagine your hips, legs, and feet grounded within Mother Earth, like roots of a tree. If you’re able to, go outside and put your bare feet on the earth while picturing this. If not, simply picture it in your mind. While holding this image, say these affirmations to remind yourself to trust that the Universe will provide for your needs of safety and security.

I feel safe and secure. I have what I need.

I feel deeply rooted in Mother Earth.

I am grounded with the Earth, standing on my own two feet.

3.  Balance the Root Chakra with a Mantra

The root chakra, located at the base of the spine, is what supports us in being grounded or rooted upon the Earth. It is the Foundation of Life where we are safe and secure. Chanting a mantra that relates to the Hindu deity, Ganesh, associated with this chakra can help you to calm fear and anxiety and ground you in safety and security. Find a mantra connecting to the power of Ganesh for the root chakra HERE in my Free Healing Library.

These 3 tools will support you in feeling safe and secure. You’ll dissolve any doubts about your place in the world. Your day will seem to flow easily with the world, not against it! You’ll be able to breathe into the world easily, trusting that the Universe will provide for you.

As I finish writing this, I am noticing that I am breathing slowly and deeply. AHHHHHH……

Have a nourishing week.

In Viriditas,

PS  Breathe…….remember to breathe in, breathe out…


Viriditas Weekly News

Chanting the Wisdom Traditions, July 23 – July 27, 2018, Fox Institute

Dear Viriditas Community,

Ahhh jet lag…. I always marvel at how long it takes for me to adjust my biological clock when I return from Europe. I have been home for a week now and am still wanting to take a nap every day after lunch. Many of the things that I had hoped to get done this week have had to wait. Ahhh patience!

Here is a reading on patience from one of my favorite daily meditation books, Courage To Change:

“How often I still find myself impatient with the pace of life. But today, when things don’t happen according to my schedule, I can accept that there may be a reason, and I can learn to adjust to what is. I may be experiencing great change on the inside even though I see little evidence on the outside. I can keep in mind that waiting time doesn’t have to mean wasted time. (I love that line!) Even times of stillness have lessons to teach me.”

How to Bring Life to Your Chakras: 7 Healing Mantras

There is great change happening on the inside of the guidebook, I assure you! I am still in the midst of the editing process. And yes, this phase takes great patience! Some of the questions that David asked are requiring some discernment on my part before I can answer. With this project I am once again learning that times of stillness have lessons to teach me. I am also finding that much of the material in the guidebook is proving to be very useful as David and I prepare to teach Chanting Wisdom at the Fox Institute from July 23rd through July 27th.

The Fox Institute For Creation Spirituality

In fact, David and I spent this morning working on getting ready for our Chanting Wisdom class. One of the most exciting parts of this class is that David and I are creating movements to go along with all the chants we will be teaching. You will get to move like an elephant and do a hypnotizing circle dance to accompany a Sufi Zikr. Yes, the 5th Wisdom Tradition that David and I will be tapping into is the Islam! One of the chants we will be teaching is La Ilaha Illa Allah (There is no reality, but the One). Learn more about it in my blog post on Chanting the Wisdom Traditions – Islam: La Ilaha Illa Allah. 

Also FICS is expanding! The Fox Institute for Creation Spirituality introduces Extended Studies, a non-degree, continuing education program designed specifically for the Front Range community. Extended Studies courses offer adult students of all ages opportunities to explore a variety of arts-focused programming at the First Congregational Church of Boulder in 1-, 2-, 3- or 5-day formats. The July course schedule includes: The Secret Life of Trees: A SoulCollage® Conversation with Marcia Chadly; Explore Hand Drumming with Kip Hubbard; Experimental Printmaking with Aprylisa Snyder; Nahua Philosophy: An Exploration into Contemporary Indigenous Beliefs and Practices with D. Atekpatzin Young; Contemplative Art with Suzanne Frazier; and Dream Work: Discovering Meaning and Connection with Robyn Hubbard. Visit for more information or to register.

Doctor of the Soul Events for 2018

Private sessions are in full swing. Are you feeling joyous and living your best life? If not, give yourself the gift of a private session. This is a whole other modality in which we can get deeper into what specifically may be holding you back in your life. One little shift could make all the difference in pivoting your soul’s energies so that they flow differently. I am aware that you don’t know what you are getting into, which is why I am giving you 100% satisfaction guaranteed or your money back. I want you to have the satisfaction of knowing that your session is really serving you at your deepest level. Contact me at 720 308 6782 or to set up an initial free fifteen minute phone consulation to see if a private session would be helpful for you

Speaking of feeling joyous! The Swiss soccer team beat Serbia 2-1 in their recent game, and YES, I was waving my Swiss flag and hooting and hollering…. Yo-do-lei-hi-hoo! Today they will be playing against Costa Rica….oh wow….such FUN! 

All right dear ones, may we be patient and trust the blessing that it is to be human….

So much love…

In Viriditas,

PS Spend a week this summer chanting with me and David!  Join our Chanting Wisdom course in July at the FICS. Come experience the joy! Register here. And remember, as a faculty member, I can get you a $550.00 discount, so you only pay $1200 for the whole week of classes. Call me at (720) 308-6782 if you are interested!

Viriditas Weekly News

Chanting the Wisdom Traditions, July 23 – July 27, 2018, Fox Institute


Dear Viriditas Community,

What warms your heart?

Two things that always warm my heart are my godson Colin and Swiss cows! Every morning during my recent two-week stay in Switzerland, I would wake up in time to go have breakfast with my godson (who lives next door to where I was staying with my parents) and then go for a morning walk along the lake near my parents’ home. Colin and I would discuss the World Cup soccer matches over fresh berries and cream. His passion for soccer is contagious! And then we would walk down the hill, I would drop him off at school and then I would head to the lake and the fields of my beloved Swiss cows. Once by their side, I would chat with them…telling them about my day and listening to their mooing. As I walked back up the hill to my parents’ home, I felt full of love for my life and this incredible planet we live on.

How to Bring Life to Your Chakras: 7 Healing Mantras

Another heart-warming activity I did while in Switzerland was practice the seven healing mantras from How to Bring Life to Your Chakras. The mantras really have become spiritual pharmaceuticals for me. I use each one of them to help access certain qualities I especially want to draw in. Here is how I used these seven powerful remedies during my trip:

  • Ganesh Mantra for strength
  • Saraswati Mantra for flexibility
  • Durga Mantra for perseverance
  • Krishna Mantra to open my heart
  • Lakshmi Mantra to feel comfort
  • Shiva Mantra to feel uplifted and blessed
  • Crown Mantra to feel playful

I am eager to resume the editing work on the guidebook now that I am back in the States so I can make these wonderful mantra recordings and the accompanying guidebook available to all of you!

The Fox Institute of Creation Spirituality in Boulder

Preparations for the Chanting Wisdom course coming up in July at the FICS continue. The 4th wisdom tradition David and I will be tapping into will be ChristianityOne of the chants we will be teaching is This is the Day the Lord Has Made, a gospel song that stems from Psalm 118. The song celebrates this day that we have been given as a precious gift from God.. Learn more about it in my blog post on Chanting the Wisdom Traditions – Christianity: This is the Day the Lord Has Made.

Also, the FICS has great news to share! The school is extending the offer of faculty sponsored scholarships for $550. So, you pay $1200 instead of $1750 for an intensive. That’s a 30% discount!  This is a wonderful opportunity to take advantage of the amazing course offerings. If you’re interested in a scholarship, contact me at 720-308-6782.

The FICS has an incredible line-up of remaining summer intensives.  Each one offers the opportunity for enriching and enlightening experiences. Check out the details for Summer Intensives 3, 4 and 5 here.

Doctor of the Soul Events for 2018

Private Sessions resume this week. If you are suffering and would like some deep spiritual support, give me a call or email me. (720 308 6782, I prefer to meet in person, but am also available for sessions on the phone or via Skype. Find out more about private sessions on my website.

I will close with this fun photo from my trip. While in Switzerland I experienced the excitement of the World Cup. Switzerland played Brazil (one of the favorites to win the Cup) and pulled off a 1-1 final score! Those of you who know me well, know I am a fanatic sports fan. The Swiss soccer team is HOT this time around. Hop Schwiez! My hope for the final game is that it will be Switzerland against Mexico!!! Now that would be heart-warming.

All right dear ones. May your hearts be warmed this week.

In Viriditas,

PS Spend a little time this summer chanting with me and David!  Join our Chanting Wisdom course in July at the FICS. Talk about heart-warming! Register here.

Viriditas Weekly News

Chanting the Wisdom Traditions, July 23 – July 27, 2018, Fox Institute


Dear Viriditas Community,

How do you sense the Divine communicating with you?

God talked to me this week via a rainbow! As you know, I am currently in Switzerland. I am here for two weeks taking care of my mother, giving my father as well as my siblings and their families a two week break. My mother is 88 years old and has had five major surgeries these past two years. She currently requires around the clock care and is in constant physical pain. She is afraid and exhausted. I have been here a week now and am spending my days as cook, nurse and house keeper. I do feel the most important gift I can give though is to listen.

Last night, I was tired myself, after a day of doctors’  visits, grocery shopping and cooking. I could feel my own sadness welling up. I started talking to God, while putting away the groceries. “OK, please let me feel your love. Give me the strength to serve my family.” I felt this tug to turn around and look out the window. And there it was, the rainbow arching over the village down below. I knew in an instant that I was not alone. I felt the comfort of God’s love for me. I thought of Noah seeing the rainbow in the Old Testament. He knew God was telling him that the flood was behind him. He felt hope. I, too, felt hope filling my heart last night when I saw that rainbow.

How do we sustain this connection to Divine love? One tool that always helps me is gratitude. In the Chanting Wisdom course coming up in July at the Fox Institute for Creation Spirituality, our 3rd wisdom tradition will be Judaism. One of the chants David and I will be teaching is Modeh Ani. This gratitude chant is a prayer that is generally said by Jews when one first awakes, while still in bed. 

Learn more about this beautiful chant in my blog post on Chanting the Wisdom Traditions: Judaism: Modeh Ani- The Blessing upon Waking

Doctor of the Soul events for 2018

I will be back in Boulder next week and will be offering private sessions during the rest of the summer. How is your spiritual life? Do you have a deep and constant connection with the Divine? Are you clear on what your soul’s purpose is? Do you have any challenges in your life that you can’t seem to face? Let me help you. Schedule a private session. Remember, I offer free 15 minute phone consultations so we can determine if I can help you. Give me a call: 720 308 6782. I will be available starting on June 20th.

How to Bring Life to your Chakras: 7 Healing Mantras

Almost there! I am pouring through the final notes from the last editor. I decided to let David, my dear hubby, read the final draft. Not only did he find the last few typos, he also had some great questions. When my mother is napping, I have been looking at David’s questions and comments and making a few changes to the manuscript. Oooh, it feels like a sacred polishing and fine-tuning. God’s direction on how to proceed with this work keeps coming, and I trust it completely! You will be the first to know when the guidebook and accompanying audio recordings are available for purchase.

The Fox Institute for Creation Spirituality in Boulder

Great news to share! The FICS is extending the offer of professor recommended scholarships for $550. So, you pay $1200 instead of $1750 for an intensive. This is a wonderful opportunity to take advantage of the amazing summer offerings. If you are interested in a scholarship, contact me at 720 308 6782.

The FICS has an incredible line-up of summer intensives. Each one offers the opportunity for enriching and enlightening experiences. Check out the details for Summer Intensives 1,2,3 and 4 here. Here is a little more information for session 5:

Summer Intensive 5:
The Spiritual Experience in Word and Sound
Monday Aug. 13 – Friday Aug. 17, 8:30 a.m. – 6 p.m.

Modern Mystic Poets as Pathways to Spiritual Experience Seminar with Chuck Burack

I studied with Chuck Burack during my doctoral journey. He was hand’s down my favorite professor. He has a brilliant mind and a huge heart. Here is how he describes his upcoming class:

“In this seminar, we’ll study modern poetic masterpieces that depict the varieties of spiritual experience. We’ll explore such questions as: What makes an experience sacred? Are there stages to the spiritual life? How does personality shape the perception of spiritual experiences? What role do religious traditions play in defining, evoking and interpreting spiritual encounters? How do these supreme moments affect everyday life, self-transformation, social-political action? How can we invite them into our lives? How can we integrate diverse spiritual perspectives? What metaphors and literary devices have poets deployed to express the inexpressible? Poets include: Anna Akhmatova, Maya Angelou, Wendell Berry, Mahmoud Darwish, Alan Ginsberg, Pablo Neruda, Rainer Rilke, W.B. Yeats, and others. Daily meditations and writing exercises will help us connect with our own spiritual journeys.”

Sound and Spirit Art as Meditation with Gail Ransom

This Art as Meditation experience opens the seeker and the worship leader to the use of sound, especially chant to direct and deepen personal and communal spirituality. We will look at the use of chant and chant accompaniments in Hindu, Hebrew, Buddhist. Pagan, First Nations and Christian music, discerning the common traits that run through each musical tradition. We will also look at the science of sound and spirit, including the writings of Pythagoras and Rumi as well as the revelations of modern science, including research on the brain and the effects of chant on health and well-being. 

Students will learn to compose and sing chants, create music for meditation, and assemble soundscapes for reflection. They will practice creating supportive, spiritually connective accompaniments on string instruments, shruti box, ting sha, flute, drum, shakers and singing bowls. Students will also learn and practice how to lead a community in chant and in sacred circle dancing. The course will culminate with students creating musical experiences to guide people through the four Paths of Creation Spirituality.

I will close with these words from David Hawkins from his book Healing and Recovery (my favorite of his countless books!) “The realization that we are the source of our happiness, and that we can create it at any second, gives us a sense of completion…What one does in the world has to be accompanied by the sense of completion in the doing of the thing itself. The payoff is not something that is an aside, something that is outside or separate from the doingness; it is the experience of it in this moment.”

May we all remember that we can create our happiness….moment by moment…

Blessings from Switzerland.

In Viriditas,

Viriditas Weekly News

Chanting the Wisdom Traditions, July 23 – July 27, 2018, Fox Institute

Dear Viriditas Community,

What a blessing to be Swiss! I am currently in Switzerland visiting my family for
two weeks. How I love this land. My soul is always nourished being back with my beloved Alps. Every weekend as a teenager in Switzerland, my parents would pack us four kids into the car and up to the Alps we would go.  I remember being in the Alps and loving to be awake at sunrise or at sunset. What beauty in the colors where the sky and the Alps would meet… the oranges, pinks and reds… the sparkling greys and whites.  My favorite time on the mountain on my skis was the last run of the day. I remember skiing all by myself back to the chalet where my family was staying. Yes, the final run was the most sacred time on the mountain as the sun was setting, I was alone on the mountain…just me, the mountain, the snow, the trees and the Divine. What solace. The lyrics of the Swiss National Anthem sum it up beautifully:

“When the morning skies grow red,
and over us their radiance shed
Thou, O Lord, appeareth in their light
when the alps glow bright with splendor,
pray to God, to Him surrender
for you feel and understand
that He dwelleth in this land.
In the sunset Thou art night
and beyond the starry sky
Thou, O loving father, ever near,
when to Heaven we are departing
joy and bliss Thou’lt be imparting
for we feel and understand
that Thou dwellest in this land.
When dark clouds enshroud the hills
and grey mist the valley fills
yet Thou art not hidden from thy sons
pierce the gloom in which we cower
with Thy sunshine’s cleansing power
then we’ll feel and understand
that God dwelleth in this land”

Looking ahead, I want to keep filling you in about the Chanting Wisdom course coming up at the FICS in July. After Hinduism, our second adventure into chanting will be in the Buddhist wisdom tradition. We’ll chant Om Mani Padme Hum, a powerful mantra that is at the heart of many Buddhist traditions. It is believed that it contains the truth of the nature of suffering and how to remove its root cause. Take a look at my blog post on Chanting the Wisdom Traditions – Buddhism: Om Mani Padme Hum to learn more.  If you missed last week’s blog, you can also still access Chanting the Wisdom Traditions – Hinduism:  The Gayatri Mantra here.  

Doctor of the Soul Events for 2018

I’m offering private sessions this summer after I return from my trip to Switzerland.  If you feel there’s a place in your life where you’re stuck and just need some guidance, I can assist you.  I can support you in finding the next steps on your spiritual journey, so you can be the best you possible. Find out more here.

The Fox Institute of Creation Spirituality in Boulder

The FICS has an incredible line-up of summer intensives. Each one offers the opportunity for enriching and enlightening experiences. Check out the details for Summer Intensive 1, 2 and 3 here. Here is a little more information for session 4:

Mon. Aug. 6 – Fri. Aug. 10, 8:30 a.m. – 6 p.m.

Eco-Spirituality and Earth Retreat: In the Temple of the Holy Earth with Geneen Marie Haugen

This Intensive integrates the Seminar and Art as Meditation classes as a whole.

This course is a highly experiential exploration of our relationship with Earth, particularly a participatory relationship with intelligent, ensouled, other-than-human beings. Part of our time together will be on the land, in sacred reciprocity with the creatures and presences of Earth. We will attend the changes in our awareness/consciousness that accompany enactments of pilgrimage, praise, wild ceremony, or conversation with the wilder Others – including stone, water, cloud. In addition, we will explore topics such as the interconnection between ecology and spirituality; human imagination and planetary ecology; and the effects of intentional participation on our consciousness.

Register for this intensive HERE.  

How to Bring Life to Your Chakras: 7 Healing Mantras

My guidebook for all 7 chakras has one foot over the finish line. Almost there! The final editing is under way. For now, check out the cover! My step daughter Danea took the photograph of me. What a blessing to have such a gifted photographer in the family.

That’s it for now. More next week from the land of splendor!

In Viriditas,

PS  I’d love to see you at the Chanting Wisdom course in July at the FICS. Register here. 

Viriditas Weekly News

Chanting the Wisdom Traditions, July 23 – July 27, 2018, Fox Institute


Dear Viriditas Community,

I hope you all had a relaxing and joyous Memorial Day weekend. David and I were up in Vail resting and  enjoying the lush green mountain scenery.

Going forward David and I will be in full swing preparing for our Chanting Wisdom class coming up in July at the Fox Institute for Creation Spirituality. From the beginning of time movement, song and story have brought people together. In this course, we’re going to explore these elements from the perspective of the world’s major wisdom traditions.

I thought I’d give you a peek into the course over the next few weeks. This week check out my blog post on Chanting the Wisdom Traditions – Hinduism: The Gayatri Mantra  

Curious to learn more details?  Listen to David and me share a little more about the class in the last five minutes of the video on my website. 

Doctor of the Soul Events for 2018

The Doctor of the Soul group events are taking a break for the summer. I am still scheduling private sessions. These sessions are a wonderful opportunity to work closely with me so I can support you on the next steps of your spiritual journey. I can help you create or expand your spiritual practice, tailored to your specific needs. Let me help you to truly thrive! Call or email me to schedule (720 308 6782,

The Fox Institute for Creation Spirituality in Boulder
The FICS has an incredible line-up of summer intensives on the horizon. Each one offers the opportunity for enriching and enlightening experiences. Check out the details for Summer Intensive 1 and 2 here.  Here is a little more information for session 3:

Monday July 23 – Friday July 27, 8:30 a.m. – 6 p.m.

Sustainability and Beyond: The Call to Creation Spirituality seminar with Adam Luedtke, PhD and Leah Rampy, PhD

In a time of ecological crisis and confusion, this course explores the intimate and pertinent connection between spirituality and sustainability. All too often the word sustainability is hijacked to fit into our conversations of how best to sustain our current way of life – a way that gives comfort and ease to only a small portion of the world’s population. Yet when we can set aside the fear that blinds us, it becomes clear that in order to create a future for all living beings on this planet, a much larger definition of sustainability and practice is needed.

In this seminar, we will commit together to look through the lens of Creation Spirituality at our current state and boldly face the results we are reaping from a worldview of separation, arrogance, and competition. Our journey will take us from a deeper openness with grief and repentance to glimpses of new creative paradigms based on a story of oneness and compassion. Students will be invited to join in discerning what is ours to do in support of a future that is longing to emerge. We’ll consider what support we need to embrace a new worldview and to equip ourselves to follow our heart’s lead toward greater unity and meaning.

Introduction to Creation Spirituality seminar Mary Reaman, DMin

In this class, students will learn about the rich tradition of Creation Spirituality and the themes associated with the Four Paths of Creation Spirituality. Through course work, class conversation, shared ritual and reflections, both head and heart will be engaged in absorbing the essentials of Creation Spirituality.

Chanting Wisdom art as meditation with David Sharp, DMin. and Jeannine Goode-Allen, DMin.

From the beginning of time movement, song, and story have brought people together. In this course, we will explore these elements from the perspective of the world’s major wisdom traditions.

Each day we will teach from one or two traditions. We will give the background story for each of the rhythmic songs we teach. The lyrics will be presented in their original language as well as in English. We will teach accompanying movements and there will be live musical accompaniment. After a period of embodying the music, lyrics and movements, students will be given the opportunity to express their inner experiences via drawing and journaling.

Each day we will allow time for us to hear the voices of our circle as we ask each participant to share their creations as well as their experiences of the day and their resonances with what they have sung and moved to.

On the final day we will conclude with a discussion about how the students can carry the experiences of this class forward into their daily lives once they are back home.

Last Chance for Professor Recommended Scholarships at the Fox Institute

There are still a couple scholarships left for the upcoming intensives. Each one is $550. Let me know if you want to take advantage of this offer! Just give me a call at 720-308-6782. Take a look at all of the offerings for the Summer here. 

How to Bring Life to Your Chakras: 7 Healing Mantras

My guidebook for all 7 chakras is reaching the finish line. Just a few small steps to go. Just in time for summer. Very exciting!

Summer is such a wonderful time to explore new horizons or give a try at something new. If you’ve been curious to explore chanting mantras as a spiritual practice, this will be a perfect opportunity for you to give it a try!

I will close with a little gift for you!  Here is a video of David with the Boulder Chorale at the Duke Ellington’s Sacred Concerts: The Cotton Club Goes to Church.  What an incredible experience it was!  Enjoy!

In Viriditas,

PS Don’t miss the incredible summer offerings at the FICS. What an enriching way to spend a week or more this summer!

Viriditas Weekly News

Healing with St. Hildegard, May 5th, 3:30-5 pm, Viriditas Home Studio
The Mystic Hildegard, May 14 – May 18, 2018, Fox Institute
Engaging Hildegard’s Music, Art and Herbs, May 14 – May 18, 2018, Fox Institute
Chanting the Wisdom Traditions, July 23 – July 27, 2018, Fox Institute

Dear Viriditas Community,

Learning is a JOY in itself

I have felt such joy in recent weeks as I prepare for the St. Hildegard classes I am teaching. I am learning so much more about St. Hildegard and how to incorporate her Wisdom into my life in recent weeks. One of the gifts of teaching something more than once is we get to fine-tune things as we go along. This has been true of St. Hildegard’s recipes. As many of you know, I am a huge fan of her Joy Cookies. I recently made them again for the Healing With St. Hildegardgroup sessions and tweaked the recipe to make it more healthy substituting cane sugar with coconut sugar. Mmmmm….and the sweet fragrances of the healing spices (nutmeg, cinnamon and clove) always sooth and strengthen my being when I make them. 

If you would like to soak in some of this joy and strength, join me at my Viriditas Home Studio at 800 Zamia Avenue in Boulder for the Healing With St. Hildegard sessions. What are your creative dreams? Would you like some support to make them happen? Join us on the first Saturday of each month from 3:30-5 pm. Sign-up here. Dates for the upcoming sessions are: May 5th, June 2nd, July 7th. You can also join me at the Fox Institute in Boulder for a whole week of St. Hildegard classes in May! (see below for details).

Also check out my latest blog: “One Step at a Time … Yes, You Can” to get inspiration and strength to bring those things your intuition tells you to bring out into the world – to benefit the health and wellbeing of others.

One of my dear friends, Carol Bennington is bringing her amazing healing gifts out into the world. Carol has been using and teaching others about flower essences for two decades. She is a Bach Foundation Registered Practitioner (BFRP) and one of a dozen Bach International Education Program (BIEP) Instructors in the United States, the courses approved by the Bach Centre in the UK. She teaches their introductory and advanced courses. AND she recently moved to Boulder! Check out her flyer. If I were not getting ready to teach my St. Hildegard classes, I would be in her class.

How to Bring Life to Your Chakras: 7 Healing Mantras 
The mantras that I share in the audios in my Free Healing Library are sung in the language of Sanskrit. Sanskrit is considered a divine language – a language of the gods. Its spiritual light shines through its sound and form.

It’s said that Sanskrit was given to the ancient Rishis (sages) and spoken by the enlightened beings of that time who passed the language to their students.

The word, Sanskrit, actually means “well or completely formed, purified, refined, polished.” The meaning of each letter in the Sanskrit alphabet is created by its sound and is considered a bija, or seed mantra. The effect of the mantra depends on proper pronunciation of the sound.

Today, we can still use Sanskrit to connect with the Divine. The sound vibration of Sanskrit can bring balance to the seven chakras, remove negativities from the mind, and bring healing to the physical body.

While chanting a Sanskrit mantra, your body relaxes and your mind becomes calm. Your head and your heart connect to your body. Energy flows to the process of restoring of your body, mind, and health back to wholeness. Back to balance which is our natural state.

Join me in chanting a mantra for the root chakra. You can access it by joining my Free Healing Library  Here are the words in Sanskrit:

Om gung ga-nay-shah-ya na-ma-ha

You may want to put the recording on your iPhone and listen to it during the day, whenever you feel any fears come up. Feel free to contact me if you want to do this and don’t know how. I will send you instructions or walk you through how to do it on the phone. Before bed, listen to it one more time and be sure NOT to chant along (or you may not be able to sleep). Allow Divine Presence to dissolve any fears you are holding.

In my guidebook, How to Bring Life to Your Chakras: 7 Healing Mantras, you will learn 7 short Sanskrit mantras using an audio recording and guidance on how to pronounce each mantra. I’ll explain the meaning of each mantra and why the sounds of each have healing potential.

Each mantra can remind us that we are already whole, as part of the Divine.  Each one supports us in returning to the state of wholeness, of balance.

The entire guidebook for healing all 7 chakras through the chanting of mantras will be coming out this Spring!

 The Fox Institute of Creation Spirituality in Boulder

Don’t miss out on this SPECIAL EVENT at the Fox Institute  –

“Thomas Merton: A Prophet for Our Times”
An Evening with Rev. Matthew Fox

Thomas Merton (1915-1968) was one of the great spiritual writers and mystic-prophets of the twentieth century. From the time of his conversion at the shrine of the Black Madonna in Cuba in 1940 to his untimely martyrdom in Bangkok for opposing the war in Vietnam in 1968, his spirituality evolved profoundly. He journeyed deeply from being very much a dualistic monk from 1940-1957 to being a prophetic leader leading out a creation spirituality path under the influence of Zen master D.T. Suzuki and Meister Eckhart beginning in 1958.

Monday, April 16th, 7:00 to 8:30 PM, First Congregational Church of Boulder

Tickets start at $15 and are available through EventBrite here or on the Fox Institute Facebook page here . 

Also Join us for “Inner Greening and Growing,” an inspiring Intensive at the Fox Institute for Creation Spirituality May 14-18, 2018

Seminar: Deep Ecology and Theology of the Land taught by Marvin Anderson, PhD

There is no greater challenge facing humanity—indeed, no greater issue of justice—than climate change. This class will equip students with a constructive analysis and hopeful response to climate change and the ecological crisis by way of two complementary philosophical and theological worldviews: deep ecology and theology of the land. Drawing on Creation Spirituality and the biblical, ecofeminist, Native North American, African-American, and agrarian paradigms in particular, students will be challenged to find ways to identify with and enter into the “pain and suffering of the land.” They will reflect on how significant events or personal traumatic experiences of environmental and/or agricultural degradation have: 1) triggered their crisis of faith and/or environmental conscience, and 2) called them as leaders to work on behalf of earth healing and environmental justice in their own local communities.

*This course fulfills the Contemporary Issues Student (see below)

Seminar: The Mystic Hildegard taught by Jeannine Goode-Allen, DMin 

This course begins with an immersion in St. Hildegard’s Journey through the Senses, an exhibit that shows the life and work of this powerful mystic. Students will also read and discuss the content of the very first biography written about St. Hildegard in the twelfth century. Students will then explore St. Hildegard’s theological writings and illuminations as well as her medical texts. Some of St. Hildegard’s remedies will be available for sampling. The class will then take a look at St. Hildegard’s relationship with her world and key people in her life. The class will conclude with an exploration of how students can use St. Hildegard as an inspiration in their own lives.

Art as Meditation: Nature Writing  taught by Susan Coppage Evans, DMin

Through a process of listening and responding, students will participate in writing exercises that deepen their relationship with nature and build a repertoire of expression that facilitates mindfulness, interconnection and increased awareness. Listening to readings from nature writers and poets such as Terry Tempest Williams, Mary Oliver, Scott Russell Sanders, Edward Abby and others, responding to elements of nature itself, and listening to one’s own voice and experience will facilitate one’s own creative writing and personal explorations.

Art as Meditation: Engaging Hildegard’s Music, Art and Herbs taught by Jeannine Goode-Allen, DMin

In this course we will use reading, music, guided imagery, St. Hildegard’s Illuminations and Healing Remedies as well as movement, to create a meditative connection with St. Hildegard and her life’s work. In this space of deep connection, students will access their deepest creative selves and from this space they will express their souls in a variety of artistic mediums: water color painting, drawing, singing, movement, journaling and finally constructing their own model buildings using a whole variety of materials (i.e. popsicle sticks, clay, feathers, paper, ornaments, miniature toys, to name just a few!). As the students share the creative process as well as their creations with each other during the week we will be forming a very intimate community of creative powerhouses!

Individuals can take this Intensive either as a degree student or lifelong learners enhancing their professional and personal lives through continuing education.

Individuals need to apply to FICS before registering for an Intensive. To apply, please visit HERE.

To learn more about the Intensive and to register, please visit HERE.
Course Cost: $1,750. UCS alumni receive 40% discount.

Also, Introductory-Opportunity is a category and opportunity for persons to attend ONE Intensive for a half day (first half: Body Prayer and Seminar classes) to explore what FICS is like in part. This is a one-time only experience which can be taken with any Intensive. The cost of Intro-Op is $550.

*Contemporary Issues Student offers an opportunity for the community at large to attend any seminar that fulfills the Crucial Contemporary Issues requirement for a half day at a reduced fee.

Learn more about the important work of FICS at

In closing, I have saved a true gem of inspiration. Here is one of David’s Sharpettes! Commit it to memory and say it to yourself daily.

Love’s greatest gift; Light of the soul
Like rainbows, twinkling stars and laughing tears.

Here’s hoping there are rainbows, twinkling stars and laughing tears filling your days. Come to one of my St. Hildegard classes and you will receive even more JOY!

In Viriditas,

PS The next Healing With St. Hildegard will be on Saturday, May 7th from 3:30 -5:00 pm. Buy your ticket now!