Need A Boost To Gather Your Strength?

Dear Viriditas Community,

A couple of weeks ago, I was in a car accident. Don’t worry, I’m okay. But, I tell you, something like this certainly makes you pause and reassess what is important in life.

I was driving…. and there in front of me in the middle of a one-lane highway was a car stopped with it’s left blinker on. “That’s strange,” I thought. I slowed down and was stopping behind the car in front of me, when I heard the screeching brakes. The car behind me scooted to the right and the pick up truck behind it smashed into me. I went smashing into the car stopped in front of me. 

What was amazing is that as soon as I was hit, I immediately went into a deep meditative state. It felt like a host of angels was surrounding me, holding me and guiding me step by step. I felt calm. The paramedic in the ambulance took my vital signs and then asked, “Do you do yoga or something? I have never seen such great vital signs.” I told him I am a big fan of meditation. Somehow, a discussion about angels didn’t seem like the move at that moment! 

Obstacles come into our path in life. Some we see and anticipate arising. Some are complete surprises. Often they come bearing a lesson to learn or messages for us to hear. Being open to listening and learning supports us in moving forward.

The obstacle may appear to slow us down, but, if we look closer, it builds our resilience for our next steps in life. We may make a slight detour to move through the obstacle, but then we gather our strength and courage. Then, we continue forward with more fortitude and determination to stay the course on our path.

Last week, I decided to go get a new car. I ended up buying a Porsche Macan (How I came to that decision is a story for another day!) And, I had to actually get in the car and drive it. If you have ever been in an accident before, you know this isn’t easy. It brings up fear and anxiety from the experience of the accident.

But I have to say, once I did this, I realized that every moment of my life now seems to take on an even brighter shining light. What arose within was the remembering that I love my life! I love my work! And, I want to savor every moment. What a deep appreciation I have for each and every moment in my life and for each and every one of you. 

I know that soon the muscle soreness and headaches that are a result of the accident will subside, and I will have renewed strength to keep moving forward, shining my light. I remember I do have a light to shine in the world, and I am so grateful to be able to do this!

Through this ordeal, I once again recall the strength of St. Hildegard. How I  admire her! Her resiliency and her courage to continue on her path, in the midst of enormous obstacles in her path, never ceases to amaze and inspire me. If you are needing a boost to gather your strength and courage right now, check out my blog post in honor of her feast day, September 17th and listen to a song I sing, LET YOUR LOVE FLOW.

All right, dear ones… I will be in Florida in a few days. My plan is to curl up by the Atlantic Ocean, the ocean of my Long Island childhood, and rest my aching bones. What a blessing….

May the angels be with you…


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