Meditation #8: The Person in Sapphire Blue

From: The Second Vision of the Second Part, Scivias

Cropped person saphire blue

I invite you to get comfortable in front of your altar and to take a few deep and slow breaths. Then let the following words from St. Hildegard of Bingen speak to your soul:

“Imagine a very bright light, and inside it there is a person who is the color of sapphire. This person is completely surrounded by a very pleasant fire of reddish color. The very bright light completely surrounds this fire of reddish color, and at the same time this fire completely surrounds the light. Both the fire and the light surround the person, existing as one light with one force of potentiality.

Then listen as the Living Light speaks to you. It says: ‘The bright light signifies God who is without any blemish of illusion, defect, and falsehood… The person signifies the Word who is without any blemish of hard-heartedness, ill will, and unfairness… The fire signifies the Holy Spirit who is without any blemish of dryness, death, and darkness.’”


1. Imagine becoming one with the person who is the color of sapphire… In that connection, let go of any of your hard-heartedness,ill will and unfairness…

2.Then feel yourself inside the very bright light. Also feel yourself inside the very pleasant fire of reddish color. Then gradually let yourself be filled with the fire and the light. You are being filled with truth, goodness, moisture, light and life… Feel the nourishment….

3. Gradually you feel a call in your heart to extend the light and fire. Where will they go?… What will they do?

I have created a recording of my voice reading this text with some powerful background music. (If you would like me to send you this recording, feel free to email me at with your email address, and I will send it to you.)

In Viriditas,




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