Meditation #13: The Anointed Mountain of God

From: The Seventh Vision of the Second Part, Scivias

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I invite you to place a stone or crystal on your altar. Then get comfortable in front of your altar and take a few deep and slow breaths. Light a candle and sense the unconditional Love of Divine Presence in you and in everything around you. Close your eyes and let the following words from St. Hildegard of Bingen speak to you.

“You see a burning light which is of a great size, just as any mountain is high and great. The light is divided into many tongues at its top. In front of this light, there is a great crowd of people standing. The people are covered in white, and there is a brightly shining covering in front of all this crowd. This covering shines like crystal and it covers the people from their breast right down to their feet.

In front of this crowd, there is a certain worm of wondrous size and length, lying on its back. The worm is a sight of such horribleness and madness that people cannot imagine worse… The black and hairy worm is full of sores and pus. It has five different areas on it, starting at the head and going down across its belly and on right down to its feet. One of these areas is green, another white, another red, a certain one yellow, and a certain one black. All five of these areas are full of deadly poison.”


1. The five deadly poisons are sadness, irreverence, false glory, withdrawal and lukewarm imitation. Are you afflicted by any of these poisons in your life?

2. Imagine that you are the burning light of great size, like a high and great mountain anointed with Divine Power. Breathe in the light and power. Feel how this Divine grace dissolves any of the five poisons that may be afflicting you. Breathe out the poisons.

I have created a recording of my voice reading this text with some beautiful background music. (If you would like me to send you this recording, feel free to email me at with your email address, and I will send it to you.)

In Viriditas,


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