Meditation #10: The Tower of Strength

From: The Fourth Vision of the Second Part, Scivias


I invite you to get comfortable in front of your altar and to take a few deep and slow breaths. Connect with the ground under you. Close your eyes. Now, let the following words from St. Hildegard of Bingen speak to your entire being.

“Imagine a large round tower which is built completely out of white stone. It has three windows near its top, and from these three windows such a bright light pours out that even the cone-shaped roof of the tower can be seen more clearly in the light. The three windows are decorated around their outside with beautiful emeralds. The tower is located straight behind you, similar to the way a tower is placed in the wall of a city. You can not be destroyed in any way because of its strength.”


1. What is it in your life that you need strength for? Imagine holding two large emeralds in each of your hands. All the green of nature is concentrated within the emerald. The power of the emerald is yours as well. Breathe in the strength of the tower behind you. Feel the light pouring out of each of the three windows flowing into your body and your soul. Know that whatever you are in the midst of, the strength of the tower is with you. You are filled with light.

I have created a recording of my voice reading this text with some beautiful background music. (If you would like me to send you this recording, feel free to email me at with your email address, and I will send it to you.)

In Viriditas,


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