Meditation #1: The Brightness From The Iron-Colored Mountain Speaks

From: The First Vision of the First Part, Scivius. 

With each of these meditations, I invite you to sit comfortably in front of your altar, light a candle and/or some incense and play some spiritual music very softly in the background. Take a few deep breaths and then either read aloud or even better have some one read the following text to you. I have created a recording of my voice reading this text with some beautiful background music. (If you would like me to send you this recording, feel free to email me at with your email address, and I will send it to you.)

At the end of the meditation there are some questions for you to consider. As the week goes by, I encourage you to do this meditation every day and keep a journal describing your experience and any insights you receive. Let the questions speak to you and write down any answers that you are given.

Here we go! Meditation on the First Vision from St. Hildegard’s theological text Scivias: The Brightness From The Iron-Colored Mountain Speaks.

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Imagine a great mountain which is iron-colored. A person of very great brightness is sitting upon it. The person’s brightness is so great that you can not look upon the person. You look on a soft shadow and realize that the shadow is actually a wing of extraordinary width and length stretched out from each side of the person. The person sitting upon the mountain is crying aloud with a very strong and sharp voice saying:

     O humanity, you who are fragile in regard to the dust of the earth and in regard to the ashes of ashes, cry aloud and speak concerning the beginning of incorrupt salvation. There are people being taught who, seeing the middle of the messages about salvation, wish neither to speak nor to proclaim it, because they are lukewarm and dull to preserving the justice of God, by which the hidden mysteries have been revealed. The very timid conceal this justice in obscure lands without fruit. Therefore extend yourself in the fountain of abundance. Come to light in the knowledge of mysteries, so that those who wish to be contemptible to you because of the collusion of Eve may be aroused by the flowing of your water. For you do not take the understanding of this profoundness from humanity, but you receive it from above by celestial and fearful justice. With a bright light this serenity will shine forth strongly among those people who dare to shine forth.

   Arise therefore, cry aloud and say what is revealed to you with the strongest power of divine help. That one, who strongly and kindly gives orders to all creation, fills those fearing the divinity by means of a pleasant choice in the spirit of humility. Brightly, with a celestial illustration, the divinity brings them to the joy of an eternal vision by way of justice that will last.


1. Who is contemptible to you in your life? What could their arousal by the flowing of your water look like?

2. How is it that the Divine is calling you to shine forth?

Take this powerful text and the related questions into your soul. I will share some of my experience with this meditation in the next blog, and I greatly look forward to hearing about your experiences.

In Viriditas,



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