Live Under The Protection Of God All Powerful

Dear Ones,

What brings you strength in times of trouble? As you know, I was recently in a car crash. While I was not physically hurt, the whole event did shake me up a bit. And so I turned to one of the greatest sources of strength I know, Psalm 91.

This Psalm came into my life during a very challenging time about ten years ago. I was going through a divorce, having heart surgery, and finishing my doctoral dissertation. All in the same year!

It was a difficult year where there were even moments when the pain was so bad, I fantasized about driving into ongoing traffic, hoping that I could then put an end to the pain I was in.

At this time, David and I were working together on my doctoral thesis. He was the peer on my dissertation committee. He knew how I was struggling and shared Psalm 91 with me. He told me that it had given him great strength and comfort in his life.

When I read Psalm 91, the words resonated with me in a powerful way. I decided to commit them to memory. Then, I could recite them whenever I wanted. This proved to be very helpful to me in the time to come!

After my heart surgery, I was waiting outside my surgeon’s office to have my post operation check up. While I sat there patiently waiting, feeling a bit anxious and still quite exhausted, I heard a melody bubble up inside me. I knew it was the melody to accompany the words to Psalm 91. I felt like it was a gift being given to me from angelic beings! I immediately picked up my phone and sang it as a voice message on David’s phone, so that I would have a recording of the melody.

Later that same night, while I was taking a bath, the second part of the melody came to me, and I quickly recorded it as well. 

What a beautiful song it is now! David created the arrangement based on my guidance. Every time I listen to or sing this song, I am reminded of what I once heard Thich Nhat Hanh say that when you set sacred texts to music they become even more powerful. It certainly has become powerful for me!

Read the lyrics and listen to the song in my blog post this week, Psalm 91 in honor of the 6th anniversary of St. Hildegard being named a Doctor of the Church.

What sacred text do you cherish? Has it supported you through difficult times? Have you committed it to memory? Leave me a message and let me know.

As M. Scott Peck says at the beginning of his famous book, The Road Less Traveled, “Life is difficult.” Yes, it is… but we are given the strength and the tools to live our lives, no matter how challenging. I know this to be true.

May “The Force” be with us!

So much love,

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