In the praise of God and good works.

Having returned from Hildegard’s Homeland I am moved to share the meditation below.  Nowhere is Hildegard’s praise of God and evidence of good works more apparent than in her Homeland.  Her songs, writings, and the remains of her abbeys all come together along the Rhine river 900 years later as testaments to her love of the Divine and her desire to share that with humanity.  Her work is as alive today as it was then, living through the nuns of the current Benedictine abbey and faithful pilgrims like you and me.

Sister Hiltrud



Sister Hiltrud lectures on the Hildegard stained glass windows in the Relics Church.



Humankind demonstrates two aspects:
the singing of praise to God,
and the doing of good works.

God is made known through praise,
And in good works
the wonders of God can be seen.

In the praise of God
a person is like an angel.
But it is the doing of good works
that is the hallmark of humanity.

This completeness
makes humankind the fullest creation
of God.

It is in the praise and service
that the surprise of God is consummated.

Meditations With Hildegard of Bingen by Gabriele Uhlein

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