Illumination: The Person In Sapphire Blue

Cropped person saphire blueThis is perhaps the most well known of St. Hildegard’s Illuminations.

Here are the words from her Scivius that describe what she saw and heard:

“I saw a very bright light, and inside it there was a person who was the color of a sapphire. This person and bright light were completely surrounded by a very pleasant fire of reddish color. The very bright light completely surrounded this fire of reddish color, and at the same time this fire completely surrounded the light. Both the fire and the light surrounded the person, existing as one light with one force of potentiality. And then I heard the Living Light speak to me.”

It said:
‘The bright light signifies God who is without any blemish of illusion, defect, and falsehood.’
‘The person signifies the Word who is without blemish of hard-heartedness, ill will and unfairness.’
‘The fire signifies the Holy Spirit who is without any blemish of dryness, death and darkness.’

What would it be like to be this person in sapphire blue, surrounded by the fire and the light?!

What would it feel like to let this force of potentiality… a force that is about truth, love, compassion, fairness,  juiciness, life and light, in?

In Viriditas,

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