Hildegard’s Egg of the Universe Illumination, Pt. II

Egg of the Universe photoAs I posted on Feb. 15th, Part I, Hildegard’s Illumination Egg of the Universe depicts the Universe as an EGG.  Part II explores this further.

“Another implication in picturing our universe as an egg is the idea of its being organic, alive, incipient.  An egg is the beginning of something wonderful, a new being, a new creation.  Hildegard is celebrating the potential of our cosmos – its hidden mysteries of delight and gradeur, of beauty and healing, as yet unrevealed.  These are the “invisible and eternal things” that have yet to unfold.  We humans in Hildegard’s estimation are to be instruments of that unfolding, “co-creators with God in everything we do.”  We are the species that can reflect on the universe’s laws and beauty and history to celebrate it and tell about itself.

An egg is organic.  The universe is in Hildegard’s view an egg. Therefore the universe is organic: living, breathing, growing, surprising, renewing, loving, embracing, creating. “God gave to humankind the talent to create all the world,” she observes.  Hildegard calls humanity the “consumation” of the work of creation.  “With nature’s help, humankind can set into creation all that is necessary and life sustaining.  Everything in nature, the sum total of heaven and earth, becomes a temple and an altar for the service of God.” “

Illuminations of Hildegard of Bingen, Rev. Matthew Fox

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