God’s Love

As February is the month of Love, I want to remind us of God’s love for us through the words of Hildegard of Bingen.


“Good People,
Most royal greening verdancy,
rooted in the sun,
you shine with radiant light.

In this circle of earthly existence
you shine
so finely,
it surpasses understanding.

God hugs you.
You are encircled
by the arms
of the mystery of God.”

In Viriditas,

The Creator’s KISS

As we begin the New Year, I want to share my favorite quote of Hildegard along with her
Illumination called “The Six Days of Creation Renewed.”

Here is the quote:
“As the Creator loves Creation, so Creation loves the Creator.

Creation, of course, was fashioned to be adorned,
to be showered, to be gifted with the love of the Creator.

The entire world has been embraced by this KISS.

God has gifted Creation with everything that is necessary.”

– Hildegard von Bingen

Six days of creation renewed illumination photo

Here is some of what Matthew Fox writes about this Illumination from his book Illuminations of Hildegard of Bingen:

“At the top of the picture is a mandala which Hildegard describes as fiery, cosmic
ropes from the “living fire” of the Creator God.  “That brightest fire which you see stands for the omnipotent and living God.”  Hildegard writes about God: “I remain hidden in every kind of reality as a fiery power.  Everything burns because of me in such a way as our breath constantly moves us, like the wind-tossed flame in a fire.  All this lives in its essence, and there is no death in it. For I am life.”  This divine fire is both “incomprehensible and inextinguishable” – it lives and no one can put it out.  This fire has “never been blackened by any evil.”  It is “wholly alive” and vivifies all things.”

“The picture also appears to be an eye, and Hildegard refers in this meditation to the creation happening in a “blink of an eye” by the Creator.  The eye truly feeds the sacred fire of the human spirit – elsewhere Hildegard refers to it as “the living eye.”  She says: “In the living eye everything appears in physical form.”   Hildegard calls the Holy Spirit “a fire that penetrates everything”; she calls God the Creator “a brightness that shines”; and she calls the Christ the “flashing forth that radiates” divine fire. Of course her images of light and fire correspond to her image of a living eye, since an eye is not an eye without light.”

In 2013, may we never forget that we are eternally embraced by the Creator’s KISS and may we actually feel the life-giving fire of this KISS.

In Viriditas,