Alive with the Sound of Hildegard!

The Cherry Creek District in Denver was “alive with the Sound of Hildegard!”
What a joy it was to share Hildegard’s Journey Through The Senses: A Traveling Exhibit with the Creator Mundi Gallery last week. I remember thinking as we were driving the exhibit down to Denver last Tuesday, “How is this ever going to fit in this small little store?” Well it fit like a charm and looked like it belonged there. Dave Darling and the entire Creator Mundi staff were so gracious and supportive. I especially loved how the image of Hildegard healing the blind boy found a special spot on the top shelf. The model of Rupertsberg shown like the Sun in the display window.

My presentation on Saturday was truly a delight. We had chairs for 35 people and another twenty folks or so found a seat on the stairs or stood on the balcony. I started the presentation with Hildegard’s O Viridissima Virga. David and I practiced singing it with him accompanying me on my Tibetan Singing Bowl. As the spirituality of the East met the spirituality of the West, I then shared the story of my journey with Hildegard and took the audience through all the pieces of the Exhibit. To close the presentation I invited everyone present to join me in singing Hildegard’s Kyrie. Oh my, did we sound BEAUTIFUL! Hildegard was smiling.

To close the event, the owner of Creator Mundi (whom we fondly call Hildegard of Denver!) presented me with the drawing (right) of Hildegard. As I then watched people enjoying the heart wine and nerve cookies (the two remedies that are part of the exhibit) and answered more questions, I rejoiced at the love and connection we had created thanks to this magnificent Hildegard of Bingen, recently named the fourth female Doctor of the Church!

In Viriditas!