AVAILABLE FOR PURCHASE! How To Bring Life To Your Chakras: 7 Healing Mantras

How to Bring Life to Your Chakras: 7 Healing Mantras guidebook and audio recordings. 

Dear Viriditas Community,

I’m very excited to offer you my guidebook, How to Bring Life to Your Chakras: 7 Healing Mantras which also includes the mantra audio recordings. These seven mantras are at the foundation of my spiritual practice. They’ve helped me release negative patterns that have held me back in my life. Each of the seven mantras is a spiritual jewel. May they sparkle for you too bringing vibrant life to your chakras!

There are two components to this program: There is a guidebook and there are also seven audio recordings. There is an audio recording connected to each one of the seven chakras. In the guidebook I explain the meaning of each mantra and also explain how to pronounce the mantras correctly. I share personal stories showing the healing power of working with this material. I also give you an overview of each chakra as well as guidelines on how to create a sacred space and time for your mantra practice. Each mantra invokes a Hindu deity or spiritual concept, and the guidebook has stories that offer inspiration connected to these deities and concepts to help you dive more deeply into the richness of the sound, phrases, music and meanings of each mantra. CLICK HERE to watch my video for a closer look at How to Bring Life to Your Chakras: 7 Healing Mantras.

CLICK HERE to purchase your copy How to Bring Life to Your Chakras: 7 Healing Mantras guidebook and 7 audio recordings!
My greatest joy in the creation of this material has been recording these mantras with my husband, David Sharp. His huge heart and profound spiritual life come through in his musical expression, and they have made this material even sweeter and more powerful. You’re going to love chanting along with the two of us!
I also want to thank those of you who were participants in the Healing With Mantra group sessions. Your beautiful voices and deep spiritual commitment made this project possible and kept me motivated. You are beautiful souls, and I love each one of you dearly.
My heartfelt thanks to my step-daughter, Danea Sharp, for both the cover and author photos. I feel so blessed to have such a gifted photographer in the family.
Many thanks also go out to Kelly Morrow who was instrumental in the writing of this guidebook. She helped me give structure and beauty to this project. Her warm heart, deep soul, and gift with words uplifted me every step of the way.
Finally, I want to thank my teacher Russill Paul. He encouraged me to step forward as a teacher of mantra. His guidance and his faith in me are gifts I’ll always hold dear.
This is truly a joyous occasion for me. Enjoy this life-changing program! Please share your experiences of How to Bring Life to Your Chakras: 7 Healing Mantras with me. CLICK HERE to get yours now!


In Viriditas,

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