Are You Feeling Weak And Shaky?

Dear ones,

Wie gahts? (Swiss German for How are you?)

I have always known that St. Hildegard’s life and work is infused with Celtic Spirituality. It was during my doctoral program years ago, however, when I first discovered that the foundation of Celtic spirituality is Ancient Hinduism. The connection between the Celts and Ancient Hinduism fascinates me. The Celts are said to have found their way to West Asia during the Iron Ages!

Our roots run deep, don’t they?

It made me wonder – where were my roots? How deep did they run?

So, when one of my doctoral teachers, Clarissa Pinkola Estes encouraged us to explore our own roots, I was intrigued.  Although I had lived in the United States for over 30 years, I realized that my roots were not actually here.

My roots are primarily Swiss.

That afternoon in my Gospel Singing Class I found myself pondering, “How could I sing my Swiss roots?”

I could sing them through yodeling, of course!

Right at that moment my teacher Jackie Hairston asked for someone in the class to sing something and picked me! And you guessed it, I started yodeling! I still remember the look of surprise on Jackie’s face. But she went with it and started leading the class in a gospel accompaniment to my yodel! Wow, what a feeling. I felt so totally empowered in my being Swiss that day!

I invite you now to have some fun! Want an insider view of my childhood and adolescence?! Click on this link to watch a video of children singing Vo Luzärn gäga Wäggis zue. The footage in this video is of the Central part of Switzerland, the land of my ancestors. Yes, I grew up singing this song and it is the song I sang in my Gospel Singing class all those years ago! Enjoy!

Interested in exploring your roots more? Check out my blog post this week, How to Find Strength in your Roots: St. Hildegard’s song, O Virga Ac Diadema. Are you feeling weak and shaky in any way? Doing the practice I outline in my blog will help give you strength for your life, NOW!

Clarissa Pinkola Estes was right, only when we have long strong roots will we live powerful and beautiful lives. My next trip to Switzerland will be in February of next year! If you haven’t read Clarissa’s incredible book: Women Who Run With the Wolves, I highly recommend you do. It is one of the most empowering books I have ever read.

In the mean time, may you connect to your roots and find great strength and joy in them.

Tschüß! (Swiss German for Bye!)


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