All You Need Is LOVE!

Dearest ones,

At this time of year, a time when we endeavor to find our courage and strength, we’re called to awaken the love within our heart. To let it courageously flow to ourselves and out into the world to all living beings. Particularly to those who are suffering and in need…which really is everyone, in some way, in this world.

St. Hildegard’s song, Kyrie, has always helped me ignite that spark of love within me and spread warmth from my heart to my whole being and to others in the world. You can read more about this song and a spiritual practice you can use to awaken love within your heart in my blog post here.

The first time I heard this song was in a class in my doctoral program years ago. Norma Gentile, a sound shaman, was leading the class. She’d been performing St. Hildegard’s music for many years.

She began to teach us the first phrase of the Kyrie. As we created a circle, she encouraged some to go into the center of the circle and sing the first phrase. So, I joined this group! She had the rest of the class stay on the outside holding hands and singing, “Kyrie” on a sustained note. Norma then began to sing the whole song.

What arose was an amazing sound symphony within the room! I remember holding the hands of the two people next to me in the center of the sound circle. The energy of the sound was so powerful, I felt like I couldn’t breathe and I might faint. As I closed my eyes and crouched down to the floor, the image of a painting I had created of an elephant that had been shot by bullets came to my inner vision. I felt totally held by the people in the room as the singing came to an end.

The two people holding my hands then helped me to my feet. I then knew I needed to get outside into the healing power of Mother Nature. I walked out into the forest surrounding the retreat center where the program was being held and began to weep.

This was the beginning of my own healing journey. A moment of deep love and awakening. I let the love of the Creator flow through me. I knew what was being released would be about me changing and gaining strength.

I also knew that day that as I healed, I would help other beings…both human and non human…heal.

Is there a sadness in your heart that weighs you down? Do you wake up in the morning and wonder how you are going to find the strength to face the day? Do you long for a way to access a feeling of compassion towards some people who have hurt you in the past? Is there some one that you know who is really hurting and you would like to find a way to powerfully send them some healing love? I encourage you to access my blog and explore how St. Hildegard’s Kyrie and the practice I outline can be a part of your own healing and/or spiritual growth.

This song has changed my life. Let it change yours!

Let the love flow!


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