A Sure-Fire Way To Ignite Your Divine Spark!

Dear ones,

It’s still dark when I wake up in the morning these days. The darkness seems to hang heavily upon the Earth, even as the house lights sparkle in the early hours of the morning.

Every year, at this time, I’m reminded of the time that I was pregnant with my son, Josh. What a gift the pregnancy was! And… what a fearful time too. I’d already had 2 miscarriages and was very sick. I was terrified I would lose this baby too. I remembered that my first pregnancy with my daughter had been very rough.

I recall working with a doula I had hired to help me during the pregnancy and birth. One day, she asked me, “What gives you strength?”

“Singing,” I answered. As soon as I said that word, I knew it would be music that would give me the strength that I needed for this pregnancy and birth. I started noticing songs on the radio that were being sent to support me.  I started singing these songs. And these moments of healing music brought light and warmth into my days.

And, when it came time to birth my son, I even chanted music as he came into the world.

Now, of course, my son is a grown young man in high school. Each time I see him head out the door to DJ an event or listen to him working on his latest composition, I smile and remember the light that music is for me and how I now see that same light shine within him.

I invite you to take a moment and consider what gives you strength. How do you find the light in your life when you feel there is only darkness? Check out my blog post this week to access a song that will help you find your divine spark in times of darkness. 

I am currently on Isla Mujeres, a gorgeous little island off the coast of the Yucatan Peninsula in Mexico. David and I are here for a few days, soaking in the light of the Mexican Sun and the warmth of the Mayan culture. One of my favorite things about being here is that we get to drive around the island in a golf cart! (giggle)

I will close with this photo I took of the view from the hammock I am lying in on our terrace of our house Casa Vaya Vida (House What A Life!) as I write to you. May this photo inspire you to find whatever it is that will give you strength for your journey!

Sending so much love from Mexico.

May the light keep shining in your life!

Abrazos y besos, (=hugs and kisses)


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