One Song That Can Help You Conquer Your Inner Dragon!

Dear Ones,

Every autumn as a chill arrives in the air, I’m reminded of how important guides are in my life to help me find my strength and courage. 

Truly there are angels – in human form and nonhuman form – in my life, and they support me in finding my strength.

About ten years ago after having experienced years of intense pain in my pelvis, I suddenly lost all sensation there. I could feel nothing. As if it were frozen or nonexistent.

I desperately searched for someone to help heal this condition and ended up scheduling a session with a sound shaman.

So, there I was lying on a bed in a room in the Holiday Inn in Asheville, North Carolina with the sound shaman standing next to me. She began our session by calling upon Archangel Michael to be present. Partway through the session, I actually began to feel an energetic flow move through my pelvis.

And by the time I left, feeling had come back to my pelvis. Not only that, but as I walked outside into the world once gain, all of my senses seemed more alive, more radiant, more awake!

Colors were brighter. Plants and trees were glowing and sparkling. The air vibrated with warmth and life.

I felt expanded and light. I felt powerful and filled with a loving flow of energy!

Read my blog post this week to find out about the song David, my husband, wrote about how the Archangel Michael supported me in this healing, Find the Courage to Conquer Your Inner Dragon.

Do you have a guide that helps you to dissolve your fear and find your courage to meet what comes in your path? Archangel Michael or someone else?

Here I share with you a meditation that I have found helpful, particularly at times when I feel fearful and call upon Archangel Michael. May it support you too in those moments along with a guide at your side.

Meditation for Courage

We must eradicate from the soul
all fear and terror
of what comes toward us out of the future.

We must look forward
with absolute equanimity to everything that may come.
And we must think that whatever comes

is given to us by a world directive full of wisdom.

It is part of what we must learn during this age,
namely to act out of pure trust
in the ever present help of the spiritual world;
Truly nothing else will do if our courage is not to fail us.

Therefore let us discipline our will,
and let us seek the awakening from within ourselves,
every morning and every evening.
-Rudolf Steiner

I often think back to that day in the Holiday Inn, especially when I am facing a new problem and am tempted to think that there is no way to solve it. I encourage all of us during challenging times to remember past victories of faith, however small! With Divine help, miracles do happen.

Love to each of you.


The power of one song to ignite your creative life!

Dear Viriditas Community,

St. Hildegard’s Feast Day was this week on the 17th. Every year at this time I reflect on how much St. Hildegard has inspired and even transformed my life. I’m so grateful!

I have posted my version of St. Hildegard’s song of praise to St. Rupert called “O Jerusalem” as part of my recent blog. I recorded this song in 2011 and to this day, whenever I need to get inspiration to move through fear and continue manifesting God’s will for me, I listen to this song and sing along.

I remember back in 2005 when I was beginning my work on my dissertation in one of my last classes for my doctorate. I was set on creating a curriculum in German and English about Hildegard of Bingen to be used in Waldorf schools. I was even testing out pieces as I was teaching in the classroom.

Then one day in my doctoral class, I was in meditation and I heard a voice speak to me that felt like St. Hildegard speaking directly to me. “Jeannine”, I heard her tell me, “you are not to do a curriculum for your dissertation. No, you are to put your healing journey, as it is inspired by me, on a stage. In doing this you will heal and you will also help others heal.

I was not happy to receive this message. I didn’t want to do this! This was too intimate of a journey to share on a stage. I am an introvert. How would I even begin doing something like this?

I knew, however, that I was being called to do it. The pain of my own wounds arose within me and, in that, I could feel the pain of all women. I knew I needed to do this, even though I had no idea how.

I thought of St. Hildegard when she needed to move through resistance and other obstacles in her path in order to create her abbey. She, inspired by St. Rupert, was so determined and courageous to move forward.

Years ago, when I was overcome with overwhelm working on my doctoral dissertation, I knew I could not let my fear and anxiety stop me. I reached out to the Divine for help. Once I was able to do this and say yes whole heartedly to this endeavor, a wave of support came to me immediately. Things just began to appear to help me. Incredible funding came through, I found the artists who were meant to work with me very quickly. I was given energy and confidence. I became unstoppable!

During the two years after hearing St. Hildegard’s message, not only did I graduate with my Doctorate in Ministry, I also moved through the challenges of heart surgery and a divorce. At the center of those two years was the creation of my performance piece: “Feathers on the Breath of God”. As I performed the piece, I showed my timeless connection with St Hildegard and the empowering healing that resulted from this connection. 

Sometimes, the messages we receive on our journey aren’t always the ones we hope for or want to hear. Yet, within, we know that we must listen to these messages and most importantly follow through on them.

What are you being called to create today?  Even if you are not jumping for joy about it. Who inspires you like St. Hildegard inspired me? 

St. Hildegard had the support of Volmar and her community of Benedictine sisters. Who supports you? I offer private sessions. Is there something in your life that you are wanting to give voice to but haven’t been able to yet? Let me support you to manifest your best creative life. Contact me for a free initial fifteen minute conversation so we can both determine if you would benefit from working with me privately.

I am currently sitting in the airport in Jacksonville, listening to the song “O Jerusalem” as I write this. David and I had five sweet days of deep relaxation and rest.

I will close with this photograph I took one morning walking on the beach at sunrise. I am beginning to sense that my life is somehow beginning a new these days. And I am grateful.

Blessing from Jacksonville airport!

In Viriditas,

PS  Become inspired by St. Hildegard’s song, O Jerusalem. Go to my blog to access a recording I did of this song she wrote in honor of her creation, Rupertsberg. Curious? Find out more in my blog post this week.

Need A Boost To Gather Your Strength?

Dear Viriditas Community,

A couple of weeks ago, I was in a car accident. Don’t worry, I’m okay. But, I tell you, something like this certainly makes you pause and reassess what is important in life.

I was driving…. and there in front of me in the middle of a one-lane highway was a car stopped with it’s left blinker on. “That’s strange,” I thought. I slowed down and was stopping behind the car in front of me, when I heard the screeching brakes. The car behind me scooted to the right and the pick up truck behind it smashed into me. I went smashing into the car stopped in front of me. 

What was amazing is that as soon as I was hit, I immediately went into a deep meditative state. It felt like a host of angels was surrounding me, holding me and guiding me step by step. I felt calm. The paramedic in the ambulance took my vital signs and then asked, “Do you do yoga or something? I have never seen such great vital signs.” I told him I am a big fan of meditation. Somehow, a discussion about angels didn’t seem like the move at that moment! 

Obstacles come into our path in life. Some we see and anticipate arising. Some are complete surprises. Often they come bearing a lesson to learn or messages for us to hear. Being open to listening and learning supports us in moving forward.

The obstacle may appear to slow us down, but, if we look closer, it builds our resilience for our next steps in life. We may make a slight detour to move through the obstacle, but then we gather our strength and courage. Then, we continue forward with more fortitude and determination to stay the course on our path.

Last week, I decided to go get a new car. I ended up buying a Porsche Macan (How I came to that decision is a story for another day!) And, I had to actually get in the car and drive it. If you have ever been in an accident before, you know this isn’t easy. It brings up fear and anxiety from the experience of the accident.

But I have to say, once I did this, I realized that every moment of my life now seems to take on an even brighter shining light. What arose within was the remembering that I love my life! I love my work! And, I want to savor every moment. What a deep appreciation I have for each and every moment in my life and for each and every one of you. 

I know that soon the muscle soreness and headaches that are a result of the accident will subside, and I will have renewed strength to keep moving forward, shining my light. I remember I do have a light to shine in the world, and I am so grateful to be able to do this!

Through this ordeal, I once again recall the strength of St. Hildegard. How I  admire her! Her resiliency and her courage to continue on her path, in the midst of enormous obstacles in her path, never ceases to amaze and inspire me. If you are needing a boost to gather your strength and courage right now, check out my blog post in honor of her feast day, September 17th and listen to a song I sing, LET YOUR LOVE FLOW.

All right, dear ones… I will be in Florida in a few days. My plan is to curl up by the Atlantic Ocean, the ocean of my Long Island childhood, and rest my aching bones. What a blessing….

May the angels be with you…



Dear Viriditas Community,

Just recently I was out for a walk on a path near my house. Suddenly, as I was coming up a hill, a young man at the top of the hill on the path ahead of me put out his hand and shouted, “Stop, watch out!” As his dark eyes pierced my heart, I could feel the powerful love of his presence. He reminded me of Archangel Michael. I was so struck by his energy, I had no idea what he had said to me. As I came up the hill, he put his arm around me and guided me to the side of the path. At that moment, I saw it…a huge rattlesnake right in the middle of the path.

Isn’t it amazing how a Guide steps into our paths to intervene and point us in the right direction? This happens in our lives more than we are aware, I’m sure!  For the Divine is always there, working behind the scenes to awaken us to our journeys in life.

As you know, one of the most powerful Guides in my life is St. Hildegard of Bingen. I have recently been reconnecting with St. Hildegard as her feast day approaches soon on September 17th. I remember vividly the day she first came into my life. I had just returned to New York City in 1987 after a year of living with the Otomi Indians in Mexico, where I had been part of a religious community of Catholic nuns. I was their “lay missioner” and was horrified by the nuns’ attitude toward the Otomi belief system.

After my experience in Mexico, I was so angry at the Catholic Church, I wanted to scream at the Pope. And there I was shortly afterward in a workshop at the Marble Collegiate Church on 5th Avenue, with Matthew Fox, the author of the best seller: Original Blessing.

At the time, Matthew was a Catholic priest, and when the workshop ended I went up to him and started sharing my agony. “What is the deal with the Catholic Church? Why do they teach us to shut down our bodies? To shut down indigenous people? To shut down women, and men for that matter? To shut down our creativity?

Matthew smiled compassionately and asked me how I connected to God. “Well,” I said very timidly, “I sing.” He then said very slowly, “Jeannine, you should check out St. Hildegard of Bingen.”

And I did…. I read everything I could find about her and discovered her word–Viriditas.

All my life I had looked for Viriditas, that greening power in all of God’s creation, and everywhere I found it, I found myself singing. 


…and all the while St. Hildegard and her music had been waiting for me.

I was in my thirties when I joined the Ars Nova Choir in Boulder, Colorado and began singing St. Hildegard’s music.

Now, I was singing her music. Now, I was connecting to the Divine like never before!

One of my favorites of her songs is O Viridissima Virga. Find out more about it in my blog post this week: ST. HILDEGARD’S SONG, O VIRIDISSIMA VIRGA, IN HONOR OF HER FEAST DAY, SEPTEMBER17th . By accessing the blog, you can even hear me sing it, too!

Have you had experiences like this before? Where someone or something steps into the path in your life and points you in the right direction? If not, I encourage you to pay close attention during the next week or two. You may be surprised in how much Divine intervention comes your way! Who knows, it may even be St. Hildegard who shows up!

Speaking of Divine intervention, be sure to tune in next week when I will tell you about my latest experience with a host of angels!

All right my friends. I am off to work on the next Module of Visionary Business School. The Module is called: Mastering Client Attraction.

Stay tuned. Being in this business program has inspired me to write a little guidance booklet to accompany the music from Feathers On The Breath Of God. Both the music and guidance booklet will be available for free next month!

Sending so much love…

In Viriditas,

P.S. If you would like access to many audio recordings with guidance on how to use them in your life, become a member of my Free Healing Library on the doctorofthesoul website. Click here to join!