Viriditas Newsletter, April

Dear Viriditas Community,

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What does it mean to be Self-Confident? As I asked myself this question recently, the following song came to mind:

“This little light of mine,
I’m gonna let it shine!”

And suddenly I remembered being at my youngest brother Michael’s wedding about ten years ago. My brother had asked me to sing the Ave Maria at his wedding. Oh my, was I a nervous wreck the day of the wedding, as I stood on the balcony of this gorgeous baroque church in central Switzerland and looked at the hundreds of people coming in down below. How could I possibly sing with all these people listening? And then this gospel choir that my brother had hired to sing at the wedding came on to the balcony and started singing… yes… you guessed it…THIS LITTLE LIGHT OF MINE! This was exactly what I needed to be singing to dispel the nervous energy and negative thoughts going through my head. And so I sang along with the glorious gospel singers and sure enough as I got up to sing the Ave Maria, I knew all I needed to do was let my light shine.

For me Self-Confidence is our ability to let our Divine Nature and Gifts shine out into the world. This “Light” is a powerfully loving and transformative light and we all have it! And this light has been shining forth from the “Land of Viriditas” big time this past month.

On March 18th the Kutandara Center hosted a concert to raise funds to purchase a set of marimbas for an orphanage in Zimbabwe. I was honored to be part of the concert. I am a member of the Kutandara Reperatory Ensemble and we opened the concert with six of our songs. Check out this video to see us playing Ndave Kuenda. (Click here to watch the video.)  We let our light shine that night, and the next day when I saw comments on my Facebook page coming all the way from Zimbabwe, I knew it had been an especially bright light that we sent forth that night!

The light being sent forth by our Tap Dancing Events is also growing in brightness. On March 17th, St. Patrick’s Day, we hosted our monthly Tap Into Transformation. Tap groupThere were ten of us dancing to some glorious boogie woogie music and enjoying a delicious meal catered by The Hungry Toad. After dinner we had a great time playing charades with words that embody power and speed. You should have seen my rendition of a rocket ship!

And then last Friday, April 7th, David and I participated in the monthly NoBo Art District’s First Friday open house. We had over 50 people stop by the studio and most of them dove right in and tried some tap dancing. We felt like we were at a delightful night club celebrating the joy and power of this glorious dance form. The word is getting out that some great fun can be had at the Viriditas Studio on the first Friday of the month between 6 and 9 pm. Tell your friends!!!

Self-Confidence was the theme of our third Healing With Mantra Event which happened on April 8th. I taught a mantra connected to the aspects of Divinity represented by the Hindu Deity Durga. David’s musical accompaniment made the experience of chanting this mantra especially powerful. I also added specific movements that we did as we chanted. Later this week I will be posting a recording of this mantra in the Free Healing Library on the doctorofthesoul website ( for those of you who missed the event and/or would like to chant along at home.

David and I are also very excited that we have been asked to become faculty at a new graduate school that will be opening its doors this coming September 18th here in Boulder Colorado. Fox institute imageThe school is called the Fox Institute and is a reinvention of the graduate school where David and I got our doctorates in Ministry: The University Of Creation Spirituality. (Click here to find out more about this amazing school. I will be teaching a course on St. Hildegard of Bingen and David will be teaching a course on Gandhi, Martin Luther King and Howard Thurman! We have also submitted proposals for five other classes which were accepted by the academic committee. I will keep you posted as the exact dates of our classes get finalized. The model of this education was created by the theologian Matthew Fox. My favorite part of the curriculum is called “Art As Meditation” and yes, one of the classes David and I will be teaching is “Tap Into Transformation”!

All right, my powerful friends, I once again am off to pack my bag. David and I are leaving for Keystone on Friday morning. They still have over 60 inches of snow up there, and oh my, is my Swiss Mountain Goat heart happy….I am going to let my Swiss light shine this coming weekend. Yo do lei di hoo!!!

In Viriditas,



Tap Into Transformation, April

The Best Dinner Party In Town!


Become the tap dancer you’ve always dreamt of being?
Enjoy good food and great conversation?
Connect with others in playful and artistic activities?

Tap Into Transformation!

That’s where!
This month’s theme: 

Singing In The Rain! 


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April 21, 2017
7:00 – 9:00 pm

Viriditas Studio   
4939 N. Broadway, Unit 65
Boulder, CO 80304


To Reserve Tickets:
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$25.00: At the door
$20.00: Online or phone reservation

Ticket includes dinner