Viriditas Newsletter, September

Dear Viriditas Community,

Yesterday I walked out to my garden to pick the ripe raspberries which I was going to serve for dessert. Needless to say I couldn’t resist savoring some of them while I was picking. How fragrantly sweet they were as they melted in my mouth.

raspberriesI remembered the year I planted the little raspberry seedlings in the fertile and rich soil hoping it wouldn’t be long before I could enjoy fresh raspberries from my garden. Year in and year out I have weeded and watered my raspberry patch. Each October I cut back the plants trusting that in the spring they will grow back with fresh berries. I love how the ripe berries pop out against the green backdrop of the leaves each year.

What is the harvest in your life right now? What seedlings did you plants perhaps many years ago that are now bearing fruit? And most importantly, are you truly savoring the fruits of your labor and dedication? I know I often am focusing on the next project and forget to celebrate and enjoy my accomplishments.

It was in this vain that my marimba teacher Randy McIntosh gathered the members of my marimba ensemble Titandare together at the beginning of the month. He wanted us all to acknowledge the incredible work and dedication that we had all put in over the years which enabled us to play at the annual Zimbabwean Music Festival (Zimfest) in Oregon. He said that we had learned and developed so many wonderful songs. Now he said it was time to enjoy all that work. While yes, we would be learning new songs, he felt it was really important for us to further develop and really appreciate the music we brought to Zimfest. And so I am greatly enjoying our current practices as we regularly spend some of our time together playing and mostly enjoying this oh so familiar music.

My husband David was in the audience at Zimfest and filmed some of Titandare’s concert. Click on this link and enjoy what was truly one of the musical highlights of my life to date! One of my favorite moments was when a Zimbabwean woman came up and joined us on stage at the microphone. Wow, as she was standing right in front of me and looked into my eyes, I felt the power of her soul as it connected with the music. Unforgetable! Another favorite moment was when one of our beloved teachers Simba Tawanda joined us to play the lead marimba on one of the songs he taught us last year. After four years of playing with Titandare with two new members joining us last year, I marvel at how I have grown so close and enjoyed getting to know more deeply these beautiful people. What a blessing!

Another accomplishment which I want to celebrate is that next month David and I will be completing our fourth year of Tap Into Transformation! What a fabulous time we have had as month after month over these four years, we have been guided by our joint tap dance muse to create unique and uplifting evenings for hundreds of people.

This month our theme was Ritmo. Inspired by the powerful rhythms of the Rio Olympics and Brazilian music, we found some glorious Brazilian percussion tracks and created a fabulous choreography. Here is the promo video David and I created so you can enjoy a taste of the dancing we did that night. Click here to view the video.

chicken_skewersDavid and I discovered Five on Black which did the catering for the event. The tag line for Five on Black is “Take the titillating taste of BRAZIL and mix it with a scintillating slice of CARNIVAL. It’s Happiness in a Bowl.” Hmmm…really if you want to have a happy lunch some day, go by Five on Black in Boulder. I highly recommend the Feijoada. What is Feijoada you ask? It’s the national stew of Brazil made with bacon, sausage, beef, black beans, herbs and spices and slow cooked until it practically melts in your mouth. Check out Five On Black’s website to get your mouth watering.

Looking ahead to our fifth year of Tap Into Transformation, David and I will be moving the event to the third Friday of the month starting in November. We will be sending out a special reminder email at the end of October.

The last accomplishment that I want to celebrate with you is that I have started working on developing healing sessions using St. Hildegard’s music. After studying and performing St. Hildegard’s music for over twenty years, I have experienced first hand the healing that can happen with her music. The healing sessions will be held at the Viriditas Studio on Saturday afternoons. Believe me, you do not have to be a musician to benefit from these sessions. The first session will be on November 5th between 3:30 and 5:00 pm. Mark your calendars! In the mean time, I invite you to check out my blog and the first post in a series of meditative experiences using St. Hildegard’s music. (Click here to view the blog)

In closing I would like to leave you with these words from St. Hildegard.

“Through this world God encircles
and strengthens humankind.
Through and through, great power is
such that
all creation,
in all things,
stands by us.”

May you continue to receive this great power and may you savor and celebrate the fruits you are currently harvesting in your lives.

In Viriditas,


St. Hildegard’s Music: Kyrie-Your Best Life Now, part 1 of 5


Kyrie Eleison,
Christe Eleison,
Kyrie Eleison.

Creator of life, awaken love within us,
Christ of love, awaken love within us,
Creator of life, awaken love.

I experienced the healing power of St. Hildegard’s Kyrie many years ago. I was in a circle of singers all singing the Kyrie and suddenly I felt like I couldn’t breathe. I then found myself on the floor as a powerful image came roaring into my consciousness. I immediately recognized the image as one of my recent paintings and as that recognition happened I knew that I must deeply address the significance of this painting as part of my healing journey.

I would like to gift you with an experience of the healing power of St. Hildegard’s Kyrie. I invite you to get comfortable in front of your altar or in your favorite spot in nature and to gently close your eyes. Take a few deep breaths and then listen to the recording of the Kyrie. (click below to listen)

As you receive these notes and words, ask the Creator to let you feel the love within you. Accessing that sense of love, ask the Creator to show you what your best life looks like. Notice what happens within you as you ask for this awareness. Keep breathing and keep asking the question: What does my best life now look like?  If you notice an awareness of some obstacles to having that best life now, let the music wash over and through you and sense that the obstacles that were revealed to you are leaving you. Feel them disintegrate and disappear. Also, if obstacles do come up, ask the Creator if there is anything you need to do to help the obstacles disintegrate.

Once the recording ends, I encourage you to draw any images that came up for you as well as to write down any of the guidance you were given.

For those of you who would like to experience this meditation live, I am offering a 90 minute soul healing event at the Viriditas Studio on November 5th between 3:30 and 5:00 pm. At this event, we will experience more in depth the healing power of St. Hildegard’s Kyrie. Please contact me if you would like more details.

In Viriditas,