Tap Into Transformation, July

Husband and wife tap dancers Jeannine Goode-Allen & David Sharp
present a community tap dance event



This month’s theme:


Join us for fun, food and friendship at our gorgeous studio in North Boulder.

Friday, July 1, 2016, 7:00 pm

Viriditas Studio
4939 N. Broadway, Unit 65

Boulder, CO 80304

$25.00 – At the door
$20.00 – Purchased online
($5.00 Discount for students)

Ticket includes dinner

For tickets call: 1-888-612-8189
Online at: www.viriditasllc.com


We will teach you tap steps… and we provide tap shoes for both men and women!

Prepare to have an absolute blast!


Viriditas Newsletter, June

Dear Viriditas Community,

Greetings from Europe! I am currently in London, England, with my son Joshua. We are spending three days here before traveling on to Switzerland to visit family. This trip is a dream come true. For years I have wanted to travel with my son, just him and me. I love just being with one other person at a time. I find when I can totally focus on connecting with that one person a greater depth of connection is possible. Such a gift! Josh is currently sound asleep (teenagers do like to sleep in) recovering from our transatlantic flight. We are staying in a hotel smack in the middle of London’s West End. This afternoon we will be seeing The Jersey Boys at The Piccadilly Theater (Josh’s choice) and tomorrow we will be taking the Big Bus Tour to see the sights!

Where are you choosing to focus these days? What is really important to you? As many of you know, I have been dedicating a lot of my time and heart forces to learning to play the marimba. This year in addition to continuing to play with the group I have been playing with for four years called Titandare, I also started playing with a group of more advanced marimba players… So every Tuesday and Thursday night I am playing the “wood that sings”. On June 5th both groups performed at the Shine Restaurant in Boulder. Those of you who were there experienced the joy and power of this fabulous music. Titandare played first followed by the Repertory Group. The Repertory Group has this name because we are learning all the songs that the band Kutandara plays. Kutandara is the leading band at our marimba center and performs regularly all year long. Members from the Repertory Group are invited to substitute for members of the Kutandara Band when needed. What a thrill it is to play with the other members of my two groups. My marimba experience feeds me in so many ways. There is such a connection between the players… It takes lots of practice (individually and collectively) to be able to play the songs we performed at Shine. During the process of learning the songs a group of marimba players has to come together as one unit in order for the groove of the song to really come alive. I love this coming together. It requires everyone in an ensemble to really listen to the other players and all this while playing their own part… For those of you who didn’t get to attend the concert, I suggest you listen to the concert while cooking dinner one night and dance along! Enjoy!!! (Click here to view the video.)

DS tap class picAnother focus of mine is tap dancing! As most of you know, tap dancing has been a source of profound healing for me. I started tap dancing fourteen years ago solely because I knew it would help me heal what at that time was a pelvis frozen in pain. In those days I could barely move comfortably let alone dance. I marvel today when I think back on those times, realizing how far I have come! Today, not only can I move comfortably, I can move in tap shoes AND keep up with the likes of my magnificent husband David Sharp!

This month at our Friday night Tap Into Transformation our theme was boldness. We danced to the fabulous song Mack The Knife... looking and feeling so slick and strong! I loved watching the dancers grow in confidence as the evening progressed. David has such a gift with people, getting them to feel at ease and willing to put real “soul” into their dancing! By the end of the evening every one was smiling… what fun to do the final dance together. Click here to see the dance we did that night!

After dinner we played a game with Sharpettes (David’s wonderful form of three line poetry). David and I created ten Sharpettes for people that we consider to be bold. Here are some examples from the evening:

Moonstruck actress, I got you babe
Like a singing diva with outrageous clothes.
A futbol star, Brazilian joy
Like a wizard, kicking spectacular goals.

And now two more. Hint: They are related to the two countries Josh and I are visiting!

Prime Minister, British leader
Like an Iron Lady leading the way.

Crossbow in hand, yodeling strong
Like an alpine guy shooting apples off heads.

A special gift will be sent to the first person who emails me the correct answers to all four Sharpettes!

In closing I would like to let you know that after years of being asked to teach tap dancing by countless folks, David has now started teaching tap dancing during the week at the Viriditas Studio!!! He is teaching adults on Monday and Wednesday nights from 7:15 pm-8:30 pm and youth on Tuesday and Thursday mornings from 10:45 am – 12:00 pm (noon). He is also doing a series of camps for children in July (July 6-7, July 11-15 and July 25-29.) It is not too late to join in the fun. Those of you who are reading this and getting excited thinking…”Oh my God, what fun it would be to study tap dancing with David!” All I can say is, “Pick up the phone and CALL THE DUDE!” His phone number is 408-396-5279. If you would rather email him, his email address is drdavidsharp@gmail.com.

Well, it is now a week later and I am sitting in the lounge at the Zurich International Airport. Josh and I just spent a week with my parents, two brothers and their families. The focus of this trip was for Josh to get to know his extended Swiss family. My father was especially excited to introduce Josh to Swiss culture and took him on a boat trip on the Lake of Lucerne or as the Swiss call it the Vierwaldstaettersee (the Fourforestcitylake!). While on the boat ride they stopped off at the Ruetli, the famous meadow where the founding fathers of Switzerland from the three cantons Uri, Schwyz and Unterwalden took the oath and declared independence from the Habsburgs over 900 years ago. Here is a photo of Josh taken by his grandfather at the spot where the oath was taken.  What a great moment for both grandfather and grandson. And yes, it was just my father and my son that went on that boat trip!

So I encourage you to spend a few hours or even a few weeks one on one with someone you want to get closer to… extend your love to that person. It will do your heart a world of good!

In Viriditas,



Dreams: Diabolic Dreams, Part 6 of 6

(Excerpt from Hildegard of Bingen’s Medicine by Dr. Wighard Strehlow & Gottfried Hertzka, M.D.)

jasper stones

jasper stones

The soul is often weakened by the devil’s antics, or disturbed by the darkening of the spirit. Thus the soul loses its clear vision and suffers delusions of the imagination. Negative thoughts entice the devil’s influence to such a degree as to terrorize the soul. The devil will insidiously undermine human thought with delusions and lies. Even saints and holy people may perceive shameful visions, mesmerized by Satan’s sinister laughter. (CC 82,83)

Diabolic dreams and nightmares can be easily remedied and positively controlled with the aid of the pillow filled with wood betony leaves. (see Dreams, Part 4 of 6)

Besides the betony herb pillow, Hildegard suggests the precious stone, jasper, to regulate one’s dream life. Thunder and lightening dreams may announce threatening sicknesses and may even cause sicknesses. Persons with such dreams should take a jasper to bed with them for a longer period of time. The cold jasper placed on the skin is helpful, “Because then the fantastic forms and fiends will fly away and get lost.” (PL 1257B)

In all cases, a natural biological sleep is essential. For all of those who rely on sleeping pills and other drugs, their sleep is not sleep at all. Rather it is anesthesia which severely inhibits the natural dreaming phases and the fluctuating patterns of natural sleep. For these people, we recommend sauna treatments while inhaling chestnut extract. This technique evokes relaxation, while the chestnut cleanses the brain. An aid for those who still have difficulty sleeping is one cup hot wine with one tablespoon valerian root.

Just as the sun is the light of the day, so is the soul the light of the body awake. And just as the moon is the light of the night, so also is the soul the light of the body asleep. Whenever the body of a sleeping person has the right warmth, its marrow will be warmed in the right proportion and degree. When the person is free from the storm of conflict and moral contradictions, he or she will very often see the truth because then the knowledge of the soul is at rest. The moon shines its light bright and clear, whenever the night is free from the turbulence of clouds and winds. But when a storm of various and contrary thoughts controls the body and spirit of the person awake, and he or she goes to sleep with this storm, then that which the soul sees in dreams is almost always false. The knowledge of the soul is so darkened under such contradictions, that it cannot see the truth. The moon cannot shine clearly in a storm of clouds. (CC83, 27 ff)

Are your nights free of the turbulence of clouds and winds? Does the knowledge of your soul shine brightly so you can see the truth?

In Viriditas,






Dreams: Prophetic Dreams, Part 5 of 6

(Excerpt from Hildegard of Bingen’s Medicine by Dr. Wighard Strehlow & Gottfried Hertzka, M.D.)

Jacob of the Old Testament

Jacob of the Old Testament

When God let sleep descend on Adam, his soul saw in a truly prophetic fashion many things, because it was still free from sin. In like manner, the soul of a sleeping person can also see many things prophetically, if that same person is not burdened by sins. (CC 82,22)

Those light, joyous individuals like Adam and Eve and Jacob, who are not weighted down by sins and vices, will receive heavenly messages and experience prophetic dreams. Such persons are of an extraordinary nature, full of grace and peaceful in character. They seldom have nightmares and more often have enlightening dreams of prophecy. Like Adam’s brothers, it is possible for all of us to receive heavenly messages and experience prophetic dreams.

Because the human soul is of God, it sometimes sees the truth and the future while the body sleeps. It knows what awaits us and sometimes it knows what happens…When thoughts are positive and holy, the grace of God reveals truth to the dreamer. (CC 82, 28)            

Have you ever had a prophetic dream?! I would love to hear about it!

In Viriditas,