Tap Into Transformation, October




October 2, 2015   7:00 – 9:00 pm

Viriditas Studio

4939 N. Broadway, Unit 65

Boulder, CO 80304

Feet copy

Make different; Reshape, refine
like life events such as menopause and death.

What changes are you in the midst of? Bring them to this month’s Tap Into Transformation, and we will dance into them. As we experience the changes we ask our bodies to do in tap dancing we will add grace, beauty, and joy to even the most difficult changes we may be going through. We will play with our feet, laugh and dive into our souls as we allow the tap dancing to add its gifts to our… changes.

change butterfly
Join husband and wife duo Dr. Jeannine Goode-Allen and Dr. David Sharp in an evening of transformational song, poetry and tap dancing in our gorgeous and inspiring Viriditas Studio in North Boulder. You will laugh, smile and stomp your feet while feeling the joy of moving your body and opening your heart to awe, wonder, beauty, gratitude and more.

Our world so needs each of us to step out onto the stage of life and make manifest our great potential. Experience us as we pave the way to do this by exhibiting the power of creativity in Action through our spectacular and fun gifts.

Don’t miss this wonderful opportunity, in a creative community, to acknowledge and share your own gifts, or be inspired to dive into new ones! We will teach you tap steps, and with these tools, we will journey into our hearts to explore and celebrate the human journey, honor its triumphs and challenges, and spark new breakthroughs in the art of living. We will create rhythms, poetry, prayers and praise with our feet, our voices and our bodies, individually and as a group.

This month we will dance to David Bowie’s song… “CHANGES!”

To Reserve Tickets:
1.888.612.8189 or www.viriditasllc.com
$15.00 admission     $10.00 students

No experience necessary and we provide the tap shoes!

Viriditas Newsletter, September

Dear Viriditas Community,

I hope you have all had a wonderful month of September! As most of you know, for those who love St. Hildegard, September is a very special month. St. Hildegard’s official feast day was Sept. 17th. On that day in Ruedesheim/Eibingen, Germany, pilgrims gathered from all over the world to connect with their beloved Saint. Sunday, Sept. 13 through Sept. 19th there were many festivities at the Relics Church as well as at the St. Hildegard Abbey up the hill. I hope to attend this annual week of festivities some year. The high point of the week is always the Procession with the Relics Shrine on the 17th. This year there was also a presentation of St. Hildegard’s Ordo Virtutum titled Dance of the Powers. This presentation of St. Hildegard’s liturgical drama included Dance, Song and Readings. I would have loved to have seen it…especially the dance part!

I invite you to connect in a special way at this time with St. Hildegard. To facilitate this connection I am sending you three gifts.

First, a meditation from my CD: The Living Light Speaks. This meditation is inspired by the Fifth Vision of the First Part of Scivias and is set to St. Hildegard’s Song O Jerusalem which I recorded for Feathers On The Breath of God. I encourage you to experience this meditation and would love to hear your answers to the questions that the meditation offers. (Click here to listen) I would be happy to send you the written text of the meditation. Just email me your request. And if you like this meditation and want to connect with St. Hildegard’s Illuminations, click on the following link to purchase the entire Meditation CD (Click here to purchase)

Second, I am inviting you to try a recipe from the book: From Saint Hildegard’s Kitchen: Foods of Health, Foods of Joy by Jany Fournier-Rosset. As most of you know St. Hildegard considers spelt to be the healthiest of the grains. Here is a recipe for coffee cake using spelt flour. Enjoy!


½ cup butter
2 cups brown sugar
2 cups spelt flour
1 tbsp cinnamon

Mix together with fork until crumbly. Take out 1 cup of mixture for crumb topping. Then mix together:

1 egg, well beaten
1 tsp baking soda
1 cup buttermilk

Add to dry mixture. Put in greased 9 x 15 inch pan. Sprinkle a little additional brown sugar over the dough before adding the reserved crumb mixture to the top. Bake at 400 degrees Fahrenheit for 20 minutes, or until done.

Third, I am giving you my favorite passage from the writings of St. Hildegard. As some of you know, this is the quote on my business cards and is also the text that inspired the movie By this Kiss. (Click here to view the movie)

“As the Creator loves Creation,
so Creation loves the Creator.
Creation, of course, was fashioned to be adorned,
To be showered, to be gifted with the love of the Creator.
The entire world has been embraced by this KISS.
God has gifted Creation with everything that is necessary.
– St. Hildegard of Bingen

Finally, here is a photograph of a wing of the Abbey in Eibingen, Germany. This part of the abbey loside view Eibingenoks very similar to what St. Hildegard originally built over 900 years ago. This particular building is very dear to my heart for it houses the office of Sister Hiltrud who receives pilgrims to Eibingen This powerful nun has been a source of great support and guidance in my life.

It never fails when I connect to St. Hildegard, I always feel like she’s asking me a question, and always the same question. “What is your soul yearning to create?” And most importantly, “Are you creating it?”

Speaking of creating I have always felt St. Hildegard nudging me to explore African music. I recently mustered up the courage to apply to join a Kutandara repertory class.

This is a class where we learn all the parts of the music the Kutandara Ensemble plays, preparing us to fill in as substitutes should a band member not be able to perform. I now find myself playing and practicing my marimba every day, immersing myself in the intricate African rhythms and developing my speed and musicality as a marimba player.

In addition, this month, Randy Macintosh, the music director of the Kutandara Center asked my marimba band, Titandare to perform at this year’s fundraiser, Moon and Stars. moon-and-stars-2015 This year’s fundraiser will be held on Oct. 24th, 7-10 pm at the Millennium Harvest House of Boulder. This annual fundraiser celebrates community, music, and continuation of a fund for students in financial need. Titandare will be performing the song, Kuri Kwedo and the best part is we’ll be performing with five Zimbabwean vocalists. I have always dreamed of singing with African voices. So this year’s Moon and Stars will truly be a dream come true. Please join me! (Click here for tickets)

Of course, St. Hildegard was smiling down on David, myself and our group of tap dancers on the night of Sept. 4th at our Tap Into Transformation event as we “put on our red shoes and danced the blues!” We had five very courageous and creative participants this month who brought whatever “blues” they were experiencing in their lives and danced them away with the help of David Bowie’s song, Let’s Dance. After a scrumptious meal catered by Whole Foods we got out our crayons and drawing paper. On one side of the paper we invited people to draw what their blues looked like. On the other side of the paper we invited them to draw what the opposite might look like, call it joy or bliss or happiness, etc…. In between we invited them to draw how it might be possible to move from blues to bliss. What gets you there? What is the bridge? I was very moved by some of the artwork that was created that night. Certain images have stayed with me and continue to nourish my soul. Here is a photograph of our heart-warming group that night.

Tap group

David Bowie has stayed with me all month, and David and I will be using another one of his songs for the upcoming October, Tap Into Transformation. The theme is Change. And yes, we will be dancing to David Bowie’s famous song, Changes. Here’s a sneak preview so please join us!

Click the image above to view the video.

Click the image above to view the video.

May the creativity in your soul continue to flourish.

In Viriditas,



Meditation: The Signs of the Prophets

The Signs of the Prophets by Dr. Jeannine Goode-Allen. From the cd, The Living Light Speaks. This meditation is inspired by the Fifth Vision of the First Part of Scivias and is set to St. Hildegard’s Song O Jerusalem which I recorded for Feathers On The Breath of God.