Tap Into Transformation, September


 dance the blues

Sept 4 , 2015
7-9 pm

 Viriditas Studio 
4939 N. Broadway, Unit 65
Boulder, CO 80304

Sad and weary; Feeling depressed
Like a muddy pond in the bleakest winter.

You know that feeling some mornings when you just don’t want to get out of bed? It’s called having the blues. This month we’re going to dance the blues away. With the help of David Bowie and his song LET’S DANCE, we will shuffle and shake, step and stomp… twist and turn… until we turn our blues into…. BLISS!

Whatever is bringing you down these days, bring it to Tap Into Transformation. We guarantee you will not be taking it home!


Join husband and wife duo Dr. Jeannine Goode-Allen and Dr. David Sharp in an evening of transformational song, poetry and tap dancing in our gorgeous and inspiring Viriditas Studio in North Boulder. You will laugh, smile and stomp your feet while feeling the joy of moving your body and opening your heart to awe, wonder, beauty, gratitude and more.

Our world so needs each of us to step out onto the stage of life and make manifest our great potential. Experience us as we pave the way to do this by exhibiting the power of creativity in action through our fun and exciting gifts.

Click on the image for a sneak peek of our dance!

Click on the image for a sneak peek of our dance! 

We will teach you tap steps, and with these tools, we will journey into our hearts to explore and celebrate the human journey, honor its triumphs and challenges, and spark new breakthroughs in the art of living. We will create rhythms, poetry, prayers and praise with our feet, our voices and our bodies, individually and as a group.

Don’t miss this wonderful opportunity, in a creative community, to acknowledge and share your own gifts, or be inspired to dive into new ones!

To Reserve Tickets:
1.888.612.8189 or www.viriditasllc.com  
$15.00 admission     $10.00 students

No experience necessary and we provide the tap shoes!

Come manifest your most powerful creative self while having an absolute blast!

St. Hildegard of Bingen’s Diet: Recommended Vegetables

(Excerpts from Hildegard of Bingen’s Medicine by Dr. Wighard Strehlow & Gottfried Hertzka)


Here is St. Hildegard’s list of recommended vegetables:

  1. Beans: green beans, soy beans, kidney beans, all other beans.
  2. Fennel: however eaten, fennel makes us happy, produces beautiful skin, good digestion, and good body odor.
  3. Celery: cooked
  4. Chickpeas
  5. Pumpkin
  6. Watercress
  7. Red Beets
  8. Lettuce: only with dressing; strengthens the brain and provides good digestion.
  9. Chestnuts: fill empty brain; strengthen heart, liver and stomach.
  10. Onions: cooked
  11. Corn-on-the-Cob
  12. Broccoli


(recipe from Saint Hildegard’s Kitchen: Foods of Health, Foods of Joy)

6 fennel bulbs, trimmed and cut into halves
1 tsp dill
1 tsp galingale
coriander, salt, pepper to taste
3 tsps agar
3 eggs
3 tbsps heavy cream

Cook the fennel for 20 minutes in boiling salted water. Drain and grind in a food mill to make a purée. Season the purée with salt, pepper, coriander, dill, galingale; add the agar. Add the eggs and cream beaten together. Pour into a mold and cook for 30 to 45 minutes in a hot (400 degree F) oven. Remove from the mold and serve with the sauce of your choice. Serves 6.

In Viriditas,





Viriditas Newsletter, August.

Dear Viriditas Community,

As the summer comes to a close I want to use this newsletter to explore the notion of “being on a team”. Here is the Sharpette, David and I wrote for the word, TEAM.

Group of people, working in sync
Like the Denver Broncos when they’re on their game.

In some ways I feel like this Viriditas community is a team. When I run into one of you in Lucky’s grocery store down the road and we discuss some of the content of the newsletters, or when you send me feedback and impressions via email, I always feel a connection that strengthens me bringing me enthusiasm and joy for the journey.

As you all know I have always felt like St. Hildegard and I are a team. Whenever we work together I feel like we are in sync creating beauty, health and a connection to the spiritual world. I’d like to share with you the latest fruit of our teamwork. Here is a recipe I recently tried from the book, From Saint Hildegard’s Kitchen, Foods of Health, Foods of Joy by Jany Fournier-Rosset. This recipe uses St. Hildegard’s Heart Wine which as most of you know has been a staple in my life for about a decade. I cannot describe in words how delicious this dish is! For those of you who enjoy eating chicken, give it a go. Your mouth will water like never before!

parsleyWine Flavored With Parsley, Or Wine For The Heart

8 to 10 stems fresh parsley with their leaves
1 bottle (3 cups) red wine
1 tbsp wine vinegar
1/3 cup to 2/3 cup honey

This is a remedy for heart and spleen problems and pains in the ribs (sides). St. Hildegard instructs: “Cook the parsley in the wine, add the vinegar and sufficient honey to sweeten. Cook and strain. Drink often.”

Especially noted for its effects on heart weaknesses, chest pains, insomnia, and fatigue.

Chicken In Wine Or Coq Au Vin
1 chicken, cut into pieces
1 onion, finely chopped
2 tbsps oil or more, as needed
1/2 cup cognac
2 cups “Wine for the Heart”
bouquet garni*
1/2 tsp galingale powder**
1/2 tsp savory
salt, pepper to taste
3 tbsps spelt flour

In the oil, sauté the chicken and onions in a heavy pot. When browned, remove from heat and flambé with the cognac. When flame has burned out, add the wine and seasonings. Let simmer for 1 hour or until cooked completely. If desired, add the chopped heart and gizzard. Just before serving, thicken the juices with the spelt flour.

* Bouquet Garni: Aromatic herbs or plants tied together in a little bundle, used to season soups, stews, or sauces during cooking and removed at the end of the cooking time. It is usually comprised of parsley, thyme, and a bay leaf. The proportions and amounts are adjusted according to the nature of the dish. It may also include basil, chervil, chives, celery, tarragon, rosemary, savory, burnet, and so on.

** Galingale: Galingale is grown in Southern China, Indonesia, India, and Thailand. Galingale is a member of the ginger family, and its rhizome can be grown like that of ginger. Today galingale is used extensively in Thai and southeast Asian cuisine; it may be purchased at Oriental grocery stores.

After trying this recipe be sure to stay connected to my blog as there are more recipes to come in the weeks ahead. Click here to visit the blog series.

“We’re on each other’s team” was the theme of this month’s Tap Into Transformation. It was the first time that I really felt part of the team called Emerald City Artists Collective. Emerald City is an eclectic group of independent artists located in a fun, funky warehouse district in North Boulder. The Viriditas Studio is smack in the middle of this warehouse district. For the first time, five of the artists in Emerald City, including myself and David with our Tap Into Transformation, participated in the North Boulder 1st Friday open studio tour. The other artists were: Painting – Gabrielle Shannon, Pottery – Ho Polloi Workshop, Jewelry – Boulder Metalsmithing Association, Music – Hippie Shitzu.

The evening began for me and David at 5 pm. We came an hour earlier than usual to set up the studio as well as the dinner so that at 6 pm we could open the garage door to the studio, put our product table out, and be ready to greet and chat with the visitors who were strolling by. At 7 pm the Tap Into Transformation participants were already in their tap shoes and the evening began…and the visitors kept coming! While David taught the dance I had a wonderful time talking with people about all the magic that happens at the Viriditas Studio. The best part is that the visitors got to see some of the magic in action! It was a beautiful, balmy night and the studio was a feast for the senses. Tap.I.T.2 The gorgeous faux finish on the walls, the framed St. Hildegard Illuminations, the twelve people joyously tapping their hearts out, and of course, the delicious meal catered by Whole Foods (especially the fresh fruit tart) left our visitors in awe! I anticipate that some of them will return next month!

After dinner we took the team of tap dancers and divided them into three smaller teams to play the revised edition of David’s game, Sharpettes.

sharpettes game boardEvery time I experience people playing this game I can’t help but admire the wit, joy and enthusiasm of the players! As Team Dolphin, Team Hat and Team Panther faced off against each other, I’m happy to report that no one ended up in the “Void” although one team did get sent back to Start half way through the game.

To conclude I want to tell you about the final team member in the Viriditas Logo team. In addition to the Eagle and Elephant that I discussed in the two previous newsletters, you’ll notice on the letter “S” in the logo, the image of a snake. Viriditas logoAbout eight years ago all these snakes started showing up in my life. Whenever I would go out hiking I would run into a snake, usually right on the trail! Snakes also started showing up in my yard. There was a lot of change happening in my life at that time and I was curious why the Snake was showing up. In his book Animal Speak, Ted Andrews writes the following: “Because it sheds its skin, the snake has long been a symbol of death and rebirth. It sheds its skin as it outgrows the old. This death and rebirth cycle is part of what Snake represents… Before the Snake begins to shed its skin, its eyes will begin to cloud over. It gives the Snake a trance like appearance. To many mystics and shamans this indicated the ability of the Snake to move between the realms of the living and the dead, of crossing over from life to death and then back to life again. As the skin begins to shed, the eyes begin to clear as if they will see the world anew.” I do know that at that time of great transformation in my life, I would often feel overwhelmed and full of confusion. Thinking of myself as a snake shedding its skin was very helpful… and I will tell you when that phase of my life ended, I did see the world in a new way!

Dear Reader, I want to thank you for being on my team.

What teams are you on?

Where, with whom, or with what do you feel in sync? Let me know!

In Viriditas,




St. Hildegard of Bingen’s Diet: Whole Grains

(Excerpts from Hildegard of Bingen’s Medicine by Dr. Wighard Strehlow & Gottfried Hertzka)

spelt bread

Here is St. Hildegard’s take on whole grains:

  1. Spelt: the most ancient grain – the very best; use for cooking and baking.
  2. Oats: only good for healthy persons; promotes beautiful skin; leads to health and happiness (PL 1130 C)
  3. Wheat: only good as whole wheat or graham, and only for baking.
  4. Rye: only good for healthy persons; excellent for those who tend to have heavy fat deposits (hard workers); detrimental for persons with weak stomachs (gastritis) (Pl 1130 A)
  5. Barley: injures healthy persons and those with anemia and poor circulation, for barley lacks the values which are found in the other grains. (PL 1131 B)


(recipe from Saint Hildegard’s Kitchen: Foods of Health, Foods of Joy)

2 lbs spelt flour
4 cups water at room temperature
1 ½ cups yeast
1 tbsp olive oil
salt (optional)
fenugreek seeds (optional)
galingale powder (optional)

Thin the yeast in some tepid water. Make a well in the center of the flour and add the thinned yeast, a little at a time, as well as the salt, oil, water, and eventually the seasonings. Knead until the mixture forms a smooth ball and all ingredients are well incorporated. Let rise for at least 2 hours, covered, in a warm place. Knead the dough for 30 minutes on a floured surface, adding flour as needed, up to 10 ounces. Shape into 2 long loaves and let rise again, covered, for 15 minutes.

Brush tops with a small amount of tepid water and bake in a pre-heated 450 degree F oven for 25 to 30 minutes. It is important to ensure that there is a pan of water on the lower rack of the oven while the bread is baking to prevent hardening of the crust. Remove finished bread from the oven and cool on a rack.

In Viriditas,



St. Hildegard of Bingen’s Diet: The Spelt Diet

(Excerpts from Hildegard of Bingen’s Medicine by Dr. Wighard Strehlow & Gottfried Hertzka)


“Everything you eat and drink either strengthens or harms your health and vitality, just as your positive or negative thoughts strengthen or harm your spirit. But how do we know what strengthens or weakens us? Hildegard shows us a nutritional way to better health as presented in detail in the book, The Kitchen Secrets of Hildegard’s Medicine. Hildegard’s diet is superior to the many contradictory man-made diets of today, because of its divine origin.

Proper nutrition is more important than medicine, including drugs, surgery and physiotherapy. The spelt diet, especially, builds and maintains healthy cells, good blood, tissues, glands, organs and body functions, and even a happy mind and a joyful spirit. Orthodox medicine is not the best hope for future health; it is diet that will define our destiny.

The Hildegard diet is based on viriditas, or the life energy found in nature. This life energy is able to rejuvenate our cells and keep us alive. The secret of life itself is found in the cereal grain, spelt, the heart of the whole Hildegard diet.

Hildegard admires spelt over every other grain, writing: Spelt is the best grain; it is warming, fattening, strengthening, has a high quality, and is milder than any other grain. Spelt produces firm flesh and good blood, provides a happy mind and a joyful spirit. No matter how you eat spelt, either as a bread or in other foods, it is good and easy to digest.

Spelt is the food of the future. It has been thoroughly analyzed and contains all required nutrients: proteins of high biological value (essential amino acids), fatty acids (lipids) for the nervous system, carbohydrates, vitamins, a gold mine of minerals, and a rich source of dietary fiber.

Spelt, as the basic food, provides a constant energy flow, because the carbohydrate chain is slowly broken down in the intestine, molecule by molecule, and is burned completely, leaving water and carbon dioxide, which are easily eliminated. You will not feel as tired or as emotionally drained as you do when you eat denatured, refined grain – the so-called “empty calories,” i.e. white sugar in candy, and white flour in bread. Refined starch and sugar are immediately assimilated into the blood – not broken down like spelt – causing a “high” or rush of energy which is quickly burned, leaving no sugar in the blood. This is what causes hypoglycemia, or low blood sugar, hyperactive children, or even obesity. The “empty calories” are being stored as body fat, while the body is starving to death for a lack of all essential nutrients.”

1. Have you ever had spelt bread? Try it some time and see if it “provides a happy mind and a joyful spirit”!

In Viriditas,