The Importance of Inner Wisdom.

(Excerpts from Hildegard of Bingen’s Medicine by Dr. Wighard Strehlow & Gottfried Hertzka)

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There is one paragraph in the forward to Hildegard of Bingen’s Medicine written by David Frawley, O.M.D. which I find essential to take in, if one is to truly connect with St. Hildegard’s Medicine. Here it is:

Hildegard produced all of her works, as she has said, through her heavenly or spiritual vision. She did not rely on medical experience or upon traditional learning; nevertheless her healing system is practical and valid. In this regard, she teaches us that we have an inner wisdom that is more sophisticated than profound outer study and experience. If we relied more on that today, we would undoubtedly have better healers. As it is, we sharpen our surgical tools, refine our drugs, and do massive testing, but are we really any closer to the heart of creation and the real power of life? We gain more information and accumulate more licenses and titles for ourselves and are still confused as to what real health is or as to the real purpose of human life, which has to be something more than the accumulation of mere things. Hildegard shows us the direction to which we need to return. True healing cannot be arrived at by outer action alone; it requires contacting that inner consciousness and organic intelligence which is the real healing power. This, as her writings indicate, is an act of faith; it cannot be done mechanically or merely intellectually. It requires opening up to the spiritual force in us and in the world around us. In that alone is the real root of medicine, not in hospitals or medical colleges.”

Many years ago, I was suffering from a debilitating pain in my left shoulder. I vividly remember consulting a doctor about this condition and him asking me, “Have you gone inside yourself and asked yourself what would help this situation?” I had no idea in my early twenties what he was talking about. “My inner self!  What in God’s name is that,” I asked him? This was the day in my life that I began meditating. This doctor taught me how to still my mind and then connect with the various parts of my body and ask for any messages that were important in relationship to that part of the body.

Oh my… a whole world of inner spiritual guidance opened up to me that day. I have been going “inward” now for over three decades, and I can truly say… the inner wisdom St. Hildegard writes about is vast and very powerful. Connecting with this inner wisdom is key, if we are to discover the heart of creation and the real power of life.

Are you experiencing pain of any kind these days? I invite you to find a quiet place… to relax your body… to focus gently on the pain and to ask yourself the following:

  1. What is this pain about?
  2. What would help me feel better?

Try it… and know, that if you don’t get any answers at first, you are not alone. When I first tried going inside for answers, there felt like nothing but emptiness inside me. I needed to be patient and keep asking the questions. I needed to have faith… eventually the answers came, and they were “right on”!

More soon!

In Viriditas,


Viriditas Newsletter, May

Dear Viriditas Community,

Since this is the month of May when the world around us comes alive again, I would like to start with sharing what I consider to be one of St. Hildegard’s most invigorating songs. What follows are the lyrics to her song, O Greenest Branch / O Viridissima Virga. Read through the lyrics slowly soak in the “Greening Power” and feel yourself come alive!

O Viridissima Virga

Hail, O greenest branch!
You came forth in the windy blast
Of the questioning of saints.

When the time came
For you to blossom in your branches,
“hail” was the word to you,
For the heat of the sun distilled in you
a fragrance like balsam.

For in you bloomed the beautiful flower
that gave fragrance
to all the spices
that had grown dry.

And they all appeared
in full verdure.

So the skies rained dew on the grass
and the whole earth exulted,
for her womb brought forth wheat,
and the birds of heaven
made their nests in it.  

Then food was prepared for humans
and great joy for the banqueters.
So, in you, sweet Virgin,
no joy ever fails.

Praise be to the Most High!

Talk about coming alive, or as the Mexicans would say, VIVA! The roof of the Viriditas Studio almost blew off with the life force that was generated on May 1st at our monthly Tap Into Transformation celebrating Cinco de Mayo. The array of ponchos, sombreros, and even sunglasses with dangling mustaches enabled the participants to tap dance Mexican style. What a blast was had by all! For those of you who would like to see the dance we did, here it is courtesy of Dahveeed and his lovely dancing partner, Juanita. (Click here to view.)

After a scrumptious meal catered by Chipotle and a round of fabulous margaritas we then tapped into the M_____ of our souls. We formed a circle and David asked everyone to think of a word that begins with “M” to describe their souls. Here are the words our group came up with: magic, marvelous, mercy, moment, mischief, mercurial, mystic, mystery and majestic.

Once these words were expressed out loud, David asked each dancer to create a movement that embodied their soul quality. We all got to try out the movements/soul expressions of our fellow dancers. What a truly transformative group dance! Great fun! Here we are at the end of the evening.

Tap Cinco de Mayo

What has given me more strength and life force than anything else this year so far has been the creation of the meditations connected to St. Hildegard’s first theological work, Scivias. Each week over the past four months I have wondered how the meditation of the week would come together. Week by week it unfolded, and I was awestruck. I remember one time I was on a trip to the West coast with my daughter, and as I recorded and listened to St. Hildegard’s words, the guidance came, “Use this passage of the writings, create the following imagery and use this piece of music.” Each week, as I followed through on the guidance, I got goosebumps and was personally greatly helped by the practice of the meditations.

David and I have now completed the recordings for the second meditation CD based on the second part of Scivias. Both of the first two CDs are now available for purchase on the Viriditas Website. (Click here to purchase.) Here is a sample of one of the meditations from the second CD. (Click here to listen)
 person in saphire blue

None of this would be possible without my husband David. He has created a recording studio on the top floor of our home. I like to call it “The Tower.” The creations of these new CDs are just one example of the great things that are happening up there.

I am going to be spending the next four months working on the music as background for the final meditations based on part three of Scivias. As some of you may remember, it was St. Hildegard who guided me to African Music with the purpose of experiencing joy. For many years now I have been immersing myself in African music. I have been playing the marimba marimba for three years and recently I started learning how to play the mbira. mbira

When I play the marimba, each time the knob strikes the wood, it feels like a wave of joy  emerges from the wood out into the universe. When I play the mbira, it feels like there is an exchange between myself and the spiritual world. I concentrate on the sending forth of what I am playing knowing that at the same time I am receiving a message from the spiritual world. After I finish playing, I then sit and tune into the message I received. St. Hildegard has asked that the music for the third part of Scivias be connected to the music of Africa. The music will be about joy, peace and love. I will let you know how the music comes together during the summer months. In the fall I will start creating the next meditation series. How I love the creative process…such magic… especially when guided by my beloved Saint! These days, I feel like I am one of the branches in my garden, and I am becoming very, very GREEN! I can’t wait to see what beautiful flowers bloom in the months ahead.

If you would like to experience the unique qualities of the marimba and the mbira live please come hear my marimba band play in our last concert of the season on Sunday, May 31st at Shine. Our band, Titandare will play at noon. For more details please click here to visit Kutandara’s website or click here to visit the event’s Facebook page.

Stay tuned! Come alive!

In Viriditas,




St. Hildegard of Bingen’s Medicine, Introduction

(Excerpts from Hildegard of Bingen’s Medicine by Dr. Wighard Strehlow & Gottfried Hertzka, MD)


The little book, Hildegard of Bingen’s Medicine, fell into my hands about eight years ago when I was suffering from a debilitating heart dysfunction. I read the book from cover to cover and applied the wisdom I found in its pages to my specific situation. In addition I also consulted my doctor and followed her advice as well. I know today that it was St. Hildegard’s recommendations that provided the strong foundation for me to sail through heart surgery and enjoy a full and speedy recovery. Since then I have met countless people whose lives have benefitted from the wisdom of St. Hildegard’s Medicine.

In the months ahead I will be sharing with you some key excerpts from this precious book. As it says in the “Special Notice To The Reader” at the beginning of the book: “The information contained in the following pages is in no way to be considered as a substitute for consultation, diagnosis, and or treatment by a duly licensed physician or other healthcare professional. Such professionals are in a position to evaluate an individual case and suggest appropriate measures dependent on the circumstances.”

In the forward to the book, David Frawley, O.M.D. writes: “Saint Hildegard of Bingen gives us in her work such precious knowledge, much of which is as applicable today as it was in her lifetime centuries ago. Hildegard uses the four-element system and the four-humor system, which date back at least to the time of the ancient Greeks…In addition, Hildegard integrates natural medicine with spiritual knowledge. She reveals an understanding of the complete nature of the human being and sets forth a comprehensive system of healing for body, mind and spirit. As such, her medicine is part of a total healing system… Even those of us who do not share her Christian language will find in her medicine much knowledge of natural healing that is universally applicable, which we will be able to extract and use in our own way…The German authors of this book have extracted from Hildegard’s works her medical knowledge. They examine many modern illnesses in light of Hildegard’s medicine and add their own voice and knowledge to show its continued relevance. They regard Hildegard with much enthusiasm as a source of divine wisdom, and it is the extensive quotes from her writings that are the highlight of this book.”

I invite you to explore some of the key pieces of St. Hidegard’s Medicine in the months ahead and to see how they might apply to your life. More soon!

In Viriditas,

Meditation #13: The Anointed Mountain of God

From: The Seventh Vision of the Second Part, Scivias

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I invite you to place a stone or crystal on your altar. Then get comfortable in front of your altar and take a few deep and slow breaths. Light a candle and sense the unconditional Love of Divine Presence in you and in everything around you. Close your eyes and let the following words from St. Hildegard of Bingen speak to you.

“You see a burning light which is of a great size, just as any mountain is high and great. The light is divided into many tongues at its top. In front of this light, there is a great crowd of people standing. The people are covered in white, and there is a brightly shining covering in front of all this crowd. This covering shines like crystal and it covers the people from their breast right down to their feet.

In front of this crowd, there is a certain worm of wondrous size and length, lying on its back. The worm is a sight of such horribleness and madness that people cannot imagine worse… The black and hairy worm is full of sores and pus. It has five different areas on it, starting at the head and going down across its belly and on right down to its feet. One of these areas is green, another white, another red, a certain one yellow, and a certain one black. All five of these areas are full of deadly poison.”


1. The five deadly poisons are sadness, irreverence, false glory, withdrawal and lukewarm imitation. Are you afflicted by any of these poisons in your life?

2. Imagine that you are the burning light of great size, like a high and great mountain anointed with Divine Power. Breathe in the light and power. Feel how this Divine grace dissolves any of the five poisons that may be afflicting you. Breathe out the poisons.

I have created a recording of my voice reading this text with some beautiful background music. (If you would like me to send you this recording, feel free to email me at with your email address, and I will send it to you.)

In Viriditas,