Tap Into Transformation, December

David and I are thrilled to be preparing our December Tap Into Transformation event on Dec. 7th!

This time BOTH of us will be playing keyboard!  And not only that…BOTH of us will be singing in Latin!!!

This time we especially are excited to have you join us as we explore Visionary Tap Prayer together. Come ready to explore and express your own visions through your feet!

Tap dancing has played an integral role in both of our spiritual journeys, and we invite you to begin to experience the miracles that tap dancing can produce in your own life.

David and I love to tap dance. For both of us tap dancing has been a way of expressing and working through our pain as well as accessing joy.

Jeannine used tap dancing to heal a pelvis that had become frozen in pain. She then started using tap dancing to express the power of sacred texts, primarily those of Hildegard of Bingen.             

David’s journey with tap dancing started as he witnessed his mother’s healing via her own tap dancing. Initially David wanted to help others by entertaining, which he did–performing on film, television, and stage. Then God called him into ministry and he discovered that tap dancing could be used as a form of prayer, meditation, and even as a sermon!

Also, to give you a heads up, in January we’ll take Hildegard’s Journey Through the Senses: A Traveling Exhibit on the road to Benet Hill Monastary in Colorado Springs, CO.  Benet Hill is a group of Benedictine Nuns who are very excited to host Jeannine’s exhibit AND to learn Tap Into Prayer with Jeannine & David!  We’ll announce details as soon as we have them.

Hope you can join us for Tap Into Transformation on December 7th!

In Viriditas,


Tap Into Transformation

Friday, November 2nd, saw the unveiling of our new monthly event… “Tap Into Transformation.” David and I sang, tap-danced, shared poetry, and offered life stories with those who came.  It was well attended and we had a beautiful time connecting with everyone.

The best part of the evening was being in the company of the people who came. They are very accomplished in their own right, yet they engaged with us in the many audience participation activities with joy, laughter, willingness, and courageous open hearts.

After the night’s sharing, we hung out for a while with those who stayed around, and enjoyed their gratitude and appreciation for our special night and offering.

We can’t wait to present our second evening of Tap Into Transformation on Friday, December 7th!

And as a side note… The food from Bacco Trattoria was delicious!

In Viriditas!