Welcome to my Viriditas blog!

Welcome to my first blog post on my newly redesigned website! Through this blog it is my intention to share with you the Wisdom, Strength and Love that I receive from Hildegard of Bingen as she inspires me to manifest my most powerful and creative Self. I hope you will find inspiration and motivation from reading my postings. I hope you will dive into Viriditas yourself.

If you are new to Hildegard, please take some time to experience my website. Read about Hildegard’s life (Hildegard Tells Her Story), discover how Hildegard called me to create and how tap dancing became part of my spiritual life. Learn about the amazing people that are part of the Viriditas Creativity Team. Each page has a song that you can listen to, and I encourage you to enjoy the music of Viriditas. View the images of the Traveling Hildegard Exhibit: A Journey Through The Senses. Soak in the Beauty.

Join me for one of my offerings! I would love to connect with you whether at the Evenings of Transformation, at a performance of Feathers On The Breath Of God or even on a pilgrimage to Hildegard’s Homeland along the Rhine River.

Hildegard says:

                           “Humanity is small in stature,
                           but powerful in strength of soul.
                           With head directed upward,
                           with feet on firm ground,
                           humanity can set all things in motion,
                                     things above as well as
                                     things below.”

I welcome your questions and feedback. May we create community here in our connection to Viriditas. Let’s set all things in motion together!

In Viriditas!